Tuesday, May 12, 2009

America: "Remake" it or "Restore" it?

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America: "Remake" it or "Restore" it?

On his 100th day in office President Obama declared, "We have begun the work of remaking America."

But does the most blessed and prosperous nation in the history of the world need to be "remade" or simply "restored"?

Candidate Obama ran on the promise of change. He is delivering. But did those who voted for him have that kind of change in mind. Some polls seem to suggest that while his personal popularity is high, his policies are not getting such high marks.

In a few days in office his administration has moved us dramatically toward the left---toward a secularist, socialistic European model.

The President has reversed Bush policies that limited abortions both here and abroad, promised to pass the so-called "Freedom of Choice Act" which removes virtually all restraint on abortion on demand and has promised to abolish the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

He has re-ordered our economy under the guise of stimulus and has already created more national debt than that of every US President combined since George Washington. He has promised "skyrocketing" utilities costs as a result of his extreme, aggressive campaign against global warming, using a cap and trade tax and "investing" trillions more in "green" industries. He will impose CO2 emission standards that will take us back more than a hundred years, literally choking the economy. Many feel his universal health care program will bankrupt the country and diminish the quality of our present health care system as government takes over the industry.

He covered up the symbol of Jesus Christ's name---IHS--- at Georgetown University during his speech, told Turkey and the Muslim world that America is not a "Christian" nation and pushed way back at last weeks National Day of Prayer event.

While Mr. Obama is busy "remaking " America, there are some who have a different vision--in my view, a better vision for our country.

They are taking steps to "restore" it.

Several members of Congress have now announced House Resolution 397 which is called, "America's Spiritual Heritage Resolution."

Let me tell you about it.

It outlines 73 milestones in America's past such as, "In God We Trust," being added to our coinage in 1864. It would also designate the first week of May as "American Religious History Week."

Representatives Randy Forbes, R-VA., and Mike McIntyre, D-NC, announced the bi-partisan resolution last week.

McIntyre said, "We meet right off the House floor to pray for wisdom. As we realized more and more the great spiritual heritage that this country has that surrounds us in the buildings and the monuments (in DC), we think it is high time that we affirm the great spiritual heritage of our nation and what better time to do it than the first week of May, when we celebrate the National Day of Prayer."

Representative Paul Broun, R-GA., a physician, said God has His own prescription for curing the nation's ills---"But Americans seem to have things backwards when it comes to God."

"Politicians," he said, "end speeches often by saying, 'God bless America'. They have it wrong. It should be, 'America, bless God.'"

Let's hope and pray for "restoration," not the extreme make-over that is well underway.

Blog Update: This is a follow up to the topic of my blog yesterday. LA Times Article.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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