Monday, May 11, 2009

What was President Obama Thinking?

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Truth. I made a mistake---it was a type-o. Our proof read didn't catch it.

As of this morning, with hundreds more participants than Friday, the numbers are; 87% Yes, 13% No.

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What was President Obama Thinking?

I'm sure you know that every year there is a White House Correspondent's Dinner in Washington DC. This year's event was Saturday night.

The hallmark of the event is that people make fun of the President and the President pokes fun at the press. At least, that's the simple explanation. This year some feel the comments by Wanda Sykes, the first African American woman and according to the Huffington Post, openly gay, person ever to perform jokes at the dinner.

While most in the main stream press sanitized the evening, Toby Harnden, who attended the event, feels her comments were way out of line and the President's response was inappropriate.

Among other comments, she said Rush Limbaugh should be charged with treason, was the 20th hijacker, but was so strung out on OxyContin he missed the flight and she wishes his kidneys would fail. All because Limbaugh has said he hopes Obama's administration fails because he feels Obama is leading us into socialism.

As she called Limbaugh a terrorist, a traitor and wished him dead, Obama, according to Harnden, seemed to think, "It was pretty hilarious, grinning and chuckling and turning to share the joke with the person on his right."

This from the man who said he would bring civility and elevated debate to Washington. It is chilling to hear comments about death or the hope of death for those who disagree with the administration. That is Hope we can not tolerate.

I have linked Harnden's story and the video of her remarks and the President's response.

On a personal note, I also felt the President's comments, particularly the one about his chief of staff having difficulty using the word "day" after the word mother, were below any level of dignity we should expect from our President.

I have also linked this morning's article from the Washington Times.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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