Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gregoire Signs SB 5688 and Pledges to Stand Against Us

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Gov. Gregoire, as promised, signed SB 5688 yesterday after waiting as long as possible, reducing the number of days we will have to collect signatures.

The signing ceremony took place at the Montlake Community Center. The Seattle Times reported that about 300 mostly homosexual activists and lawmakers attended.

The Governor affirmed her continuing support for the homosexual agenda and promised to stand against those who plan to oppose it. That would be us. And hopefully, you.

She predicted that fellow Washingtonians will come forward and defeat our efforts, pledging to do everything in her power to defeat the effort to overturn SB 5688 with Referendum 71.

She declared, "I join you...I stand with you."

There is now a 5-day waiting period in which anyone can contest the referendum. When that is completed, we will begin printing and distributing petitions for signatures.

A massive effort is already underway to defeat us. They are calling it "Decline 2 Sign" and are raising money to get their message out. They will be asking citizens to refuse to sign the petition.

Your financial support is absolutely necessary. Although we expect to be outspent at least 6-to-1, if you will stand with us and do what you can, I believe we can prevail, with God's help.

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Below is a video of the Governor's comments at the signing.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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