Friday, May 29, 2009

Homosexual Activists Ramping Up Intimidation Tactics

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It doesn't seem to matter whether it is an honest answer to a question posed to a Miss USA contestant about her personal belief about marriage, a faith-based organization and their leadership that advocates for traditional marriage, a vote of the people affirming their support of traditional marriage or even an attempt to have a vote of the people on affirming traditional marriage, the homosexual activists are more and more reverting to the use of slander, intimidation, and acts of personal destruction to advance their agenda.

As we prepare to roll out Referendum 71, the ugliness has already begun.

I have been told by state authorities that the homosexual activists are "swarming around" trying to find something wrong with Faith and Freedom. That's fine. We have been audited by the IRS within the past year and found to be in compliance. Our PAC is managed by a highly respected veteran of political action committee management. We have an excellent accounting firm and one of Washington's leading law firms to help us.

Focus on The Family reported yesterday, that a national gay activist group is now accusing the Diocese of Maine of violating IRS rules by collecting signatures to place a marriage-protection amendment on the ballot---much like our own Ref. 71 effort.

Erik Stanley, with the Alliance Defense Fund, told Focus that the church has done nothing wrong. He said, "Under IRS regulations, churches have the right to take a position and advocate in support of a public referendum on traditional marriage."

This group knows this, because a similar complaint they filed against a church in California last year was dismissed as frivolous.


In addition to harassment regarding one's beliefs about marriage, a San Diego television station is reporting that a couple has been ordered by the county to stop home Bible studies. Is this a snapshot of where we are going?

Mike Heath, exec. director of the Maine Family Policy Council told Focus that gay activists, "Are interested in controlling people's speech and going beyond that to control what they believe. Folks in other parts of the country need to understand this will soon be on their doorstep."

This dark, manipulative agenda is not only at the doorstep here, but is crossing the threshold of every family in the state.

This is a time that each of us need to get real with what we really believe about marriage, the future of the family and for Christians, what the Bible actually teaches about homosexual acts.

I strongly recommend the book: "Marriage on Trial: The Case Against Same-Sex Marriage" by Glenn T. Stanton and Bill Maier.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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