Thursday, May 28, 2009

Same-Sex Marriage: "It's Inevitable"

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REFERENDUM UPDATE: We are hoping to start printing Referendum petitions tomorrow. I will keep you updated. Thank you for your patience and financial support.

Those who gathered at Seattle's Westlake Park Tuesday evening to protest California's Court ruling, which upheld the will of the voters and the ban on same-sex marriage, were described as feeling the sting of defeat and a sense of disappointment by The Seattle Times.

Joe Mirabella, a Washington State community organizer who helped plan the event, told the Times he didn't see the California decision as a set back because of the significant political gains homosexuals have made recently.

He said the tide is turning. And regarding same-sex "marriage," he said, "It's inevitable."


There is a growing consensus in the homosexual community and even among some Christian leaders that it is a sure thing. In fact a Christian leader who had worked with many of us in these cultural issues told the Seattle press a couple of years ago that it was not a matter of "if" but "when" Washington would have same-sex marriage.

Others are calling the effort on Referendum 71 "stupid" with no chance to win.

Things change. Hillary Clinton was the inevitable Democratic Party nominee for President not so many months ago.

I was correctly quoted by the Times as saying that as the marriage issue continues to be the dominate cultural issue, it is going to force people to take a closer look at what marriage really is ---and is not.

Marriage is not about affirming a relationship between two (or more) people. It has always been about much more than that. It is not a measure of equality or fairness.

It is a unique and exceptional relationship that connects a man and a woman genetically to a child. How can that be altered or redefined?

Marriage is about the next generation. It is the cornerstone of every successful society in the history of the human race. Marriage between a man and a woman provides generational sustainability.

Homosexuality is not an identity. For generations it was identified as an act---"sodomy". Then it was upgraded to a condition---homosexuality. And finally it was further elevated to an identity equal in the minds of those who advanced it, to ethnicity.

The great advances that activists are counting on to carry them to national acceptance and redefinition of marriage have been built upon a false premise.

Homosexuality is not genetic and it is not equal to ethnicity. It cannot be honestly compared to the civil rights struggle of African Americans.

People generally rejected the act of sodomy, accommodated the "condition" of homosexuality and in recent years have been led to believe that to be tolerant and fair one must affirm the "identity." It is not an identity. At best it is a series of bad choices. At worst it is rebellion against the Creator and His natural law.

As people begin to take a closer look, and that has begun, at the real issues around marriage, it will become more and more clear why every major religion in the history of the world has condemned the practice of homosexuality and every successful culture has rejected it as a norm.

The favorability that the gay agenda has enjoyed recently, especially among the youth, toward so-called gay "marriage" may change as a more clear understanding emerges.

I do not personally believe the word "inevitable" best describes the effort to redefine and deconstruct marriage in America. Or in the State of Washington.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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