Friday, May 08, 2009

I'm Getting a Different Response to the Referendum

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Since an all out effort has been made to derail a referendum to overturn SB 5688 during the past few days, just as it was being filed, and that effort has been taken to the press and widely reported in both the local and some national press, we decided to take a survey which includes the question "Do you support referendum 71?"

We are getting a different response than the one being reported and used as a measure of "sea change" by Danny Westneat at The Seattle Times and others.

The survey referenced by Westneat was, according to the report, taken among "right leaning political or religious activists." Westneat calls the survey a "revealing memo." Indeed it is.

Our survey is being taken among "right leaning political or religious activists" and some ordinary people who go to church, believe the Bible teaches against homosexual relations and really don't think those relations should be enshrined into law. Particularly by redefining marriage through an incremental expansion of domestic partnership legislation.

You can read the material Westneat references. It refers to 34 people who were contacted. Of the 34 the "revealing memo" says were contacted, only 6, says the memo, were favorable toward a referendum. It involves lengthy quotes of those contacted.

This has led Westneat, and others, to agree that, "It's dumb to try to repeal it. [ SB 5688 ] We'd lose. We'd set our cause back." And conclude with some who said that many within the Republican Party have moved on from these kinds of issues and feel that "we Christians don't understand that 'gay marriage' is just fair and Christians should get over it."

The "revealing memo" reveals that leaders and elected officials were contacted among the 34.

Faith and Freedom is getting a little different picture. With several hundreds filling out our survey, it is running, as of this morning, 98.8% who favor the referendum and 6.7% who oppose it. The other 1.5% aren't sure.

Ironically, I received a call yesterday from someone quoted in the"revealing memo" as one who does not support the referendum, telling me a check was in the mail to help.

Perhaps those who desperately want the gay agenda advanced, such as most in the press, or those who may not be listening to enough people, could be wrong.

Joel Connelly, at the Seattle PI says he doesn't think the referendum has a chance. He says those who are advancing it are doing so "on a wing and a prayer."

I can go with prayer every time. Maybe, just maybe, more wings will sprout on the biblical believers and conservatives than some can even imagine.

If you have not yet filled out the survey, please do and forward the link to as many friends, family and community contacts as possible. Click here for the survey.

Have a great weekend. Talk to people at church this weekend about getting involved and helping---growing some wings.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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