Thursday, June 25, 2009

City Employee Philip Irvin On Trial Today

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R-71 UPDATE: Click here.

What is beginning to take on the feel of a trial, is scheduled today for City of Seattle employee, Philip Irvin.

We first reported this matter, then other Seattle media organizations began reporting it, crediting the Faith and Freedom website.

The City of Seattle may well be putting itself in a compromised position. While their motives cannot be fully known, their actions are beginning to speak ever so loudly. It appears they are reacting toward an employee who does not share the company position on actively promoting the homosexual agenda.

If you are not familiar with this developing situation, you may read a couple of our previous blogs.

Irvin, after formally requesting the names of those involved in a City of Seattle employee pro-gay organization---who are using city resources and time, be released to the public, was not only denied, but now is being investigated by the city. That begins today.

Here is the potential problem the city may face.

The Mayor regularly and formally invites employees to homosexual events like the Gay Pride Parade and others, and the city provides training credit for employees to attend a gay propaganda event such as, "Mom's Apple Pie," which was nothing more than a city sponsored advancement of the gay agenda and values, using city resources to do so---while refusing to identify who is involved. Employee Irvin holds an opposing view. Following his formal request for names to be identified, he is forcefully denied, homosexual advocates get a restraining order against his request, then he receives a memorandum that he will be investigated.

The city seems to be using intimidation against those who hold opposing views. It appears they are also creating a hostile work environment, which is illegal, for anyone who does not share their pro-gay positions and values.

This trial today is actually laying the groundwork for such action and may open the door for others who also oppose their positions but have been hesitant to come forward for fear of retribution.

If this were to happen, it would have a catastrophic impact on a city that already can't pay it's bills.

We will keep you posted as this continues to develop.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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