Friday, July 31, 2009

Ken Schram is Wrong

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KOMO News' Ken Schram says, "the judge blew it," when he issued a restraining order against releasing the names of those who signed Referendum 71.

He says, "And now we end up with a judge who ignores the law in favor of those who want to hide behind it."

Schram, however, admits that the people who are seeking to post the names online and "contact" those who signed are attempting to intimidate. "It's intimidation pure and simple," he says.

The judge is not ignoring the law, he is merely saying that in light of the "pure and simple intimidation" and the documented numerous cases of harassment that occurred during the signature gathering process, perhaps the law should be reviewed in light of these abuses.

I thought liberals were always up for reviewing social norms, laws, and even history itself.

However that part of the issue is not where Schram errors most.

Here's where Schram is way off the mark and his picture on the KOMO logo makes the point.

Right off the top Schram refers to all people of faith who believe in and actively defend natural marriage as, "the anti-gay crowd."

His sweeping, generalized accusation includes thousands of people who hold to a faith and belief that marriage has historically---for more than 5000 years, been between a man and a woman. Every culture has recognized this model because it is the only sustainable model for a successful society. Every major religion condemns homosexual relations. And for those of us who are Christians, we believe the Bible teaches that natural marriage is to be honored and that natural marriage is the biblical model.

We are not "anti" gay we are "pro" marriage.

Schram says, "I think Referendum 71 is a petty, mean-spirited attempt to suppress the rights of same-sex couples."

It isn't.

How many of us does Ken really know? Evidently not many. After working with tens of thousands of people across this state in gathering signatures, neither I, nor anyone else I have spoken with, met anyone who was doing what they were doing out of a mean spirit.

People of faith, who believe the Bible, have an abiding belief that homosexual relations are sin and that the lifestyle leads to a greatly diminished quality of life with eternal consequences. We also believe that people have a right to live as they choose. The spirit of biblical Christianity is to see all people experience the love, forgiveness, deliverance and restoration, regardless of what their sins may be, that comes through the power of a personal relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Only when homosexual activists began to aggressively seek to redefine marriage and the family, did people of faith become active on this issue.

Ken, we are not trying to suppress anything. We are not "anti," we are pro-marriage, pro-life and pro the best life people can possibly experience.

In regard to pointing fingers: perhaps you should revisit your own picture on KOMO's logo. While you are pointing one finger at us, you are pointing three of them at yourself.

And yes, we forgive you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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