Monday, August 31, 2009

R-71: the Count, the Lawsuit and the Republican Party

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The latest R-71 signature update from the Secretary of State's office, issued Saturday, shows that about 130,000 signatures have been reviewed with well over 114,000 accepted.

The error rate rose slightly from Thursday evening at 11.81% to 11.86% through Friday night. The Secretary's office says they expect to be finished by tomorrow night. We will keep you updated. If these numbers hold, we will have the required number of signatures.

As you likely know, a lawsuit has been filed against the Secretary of State, by a homosexual advocacy group, requesting a temporary restraining order, to prevent him from certifying Referendum 71 to the ballot. Hearings begin on that today.

The Washington State Republican Party took action on Saturday regarding their position on R-71.

The Lawsuit.

There are two main allegations in the lawsuit. First, they allege that many of those who signed the petition did so before they became registered voters. I know that is not the case, however we are quite certain they could not substantiate that allegation anyway because although the voter registration is dated, the signature on the petition is not.

Secondly, they allege that many signatures were submitted and accepted by the Secretary's office on petition forms that were unsigned on the back page by the person who circulated that petition form.

The Secretary's office told Larry Stickney specifically that we could sign or not sign that line. They said, "If they are signed it's okay and if they are not signed it's okay." The reason for this response is that they have been receiving many signatures from many Referenda and Initiatives over a long period of time with and without that signature. This has been their consistent policy.

Hearings on this lawsuit begin today. Our attorney Steve Pidgeon, will begin making our case today. Please remember him in prayer.

He had also asked that this case be placed with another judge. As of this morning, that has not happened.

The Republican Party

The Republican Party at its quarterly meeting Saturday in Wenatchee, formally, and I might add resoundingly, put their full support and endorsement behind R-71. Both Larry Stickney and I want to express our deep appreciation to Luke Esser, state chairman and others on the state committee, for their full and public support.

Thank you for your financial support in this fight for marriage and family.

Also, thank you for your prayers. This is not an easy challenge.

God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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