Monday, September 21, 2009

Next 30 Days Will Impact Next 30 Years Regarding Marriage

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The next 30 days will set a direction for marriage in the state of Washington that will reach into as many as three future decades.

What we decide to do---or not do, over the next 30 days, will impact the culture for your children and grandchildren.

This is a time to Speak. This is a time to Act.

This is not a time to sit on our hands as some have suggested. It is a time to stand for biblical, traditional marriage that has served the human race for at least 5000 years.

Within the next couple of weeks Washington State ballots will begin to be dropped in the mail. Those who are uninformed or misled on the true intentions of SB 5688 will begin to mark their ballots. What you, who are informed, do during the next 30 or so days will have profound impact on your children's and grandchildren's future.

November, 2009, will be remembered as a time when people of faith and conservatives stood up in defense of the most fundamental of all human institutions---marriage. Or, it will be etched in history as the time we listened to those voices that are either trying to tell us this is not the time; or those who disingenuously present SB 5688 as merely about benefits for those who practice homosexuality and choose to live together.

We are asking you to REJECT Referendum 71-Senate Bill 5688 because as its sponsors have said, it is about much more than benefits for homosexuals and a few elderly heterosexuals who live together and refuse to marry. The sponsors have called it a step toward, "the prize which is [homosexual] marriage," (Sen. Ed Murray) and, "a strategic long term strategy" for homosexual marriage and a, "bridge until we get [homosexual] marriage." (Rep. Pederson)

I have linked the page that presents Referendum 71--SB 5688 in the Voters Pamphlet. Lindsay Prior, from the Secretary of State's office--Elections Division, sent us a preview of the page late last week. The pamphlets will be mailed out soon, as well.

Please take a look at it. Larry Stickney, myself, Rep. Matt Shea and attorney Steve Pidgeon, wrote the, "Statement Against Referendum 71." We included the points that we felt would best reflect the truth of this matter and have the broadest appeal to those who are uninformed.

We have 100,000 flyers printed and are now available for distribution around the state. I have also included a link to the flyers. There also will be a link to the flyers on our home page at We will print more as money is available. If you will help distribute them in your area, please email me at. Be sure to include a number where we can call you and the city or town where you live. This information will be held in confidence and used only by myself or a Faith and Freedom leader in you area.

In addition, we have about 1500 yard signs. These will be available in various local areas. If you want some, please let me know.

If everyone who circulated a petition form to put R-71 on the ballot will be responsible to encourage or influence 100 people during the next 30 days to REJECT R-71--SB 5688, that will represent nearly a million votes. If everyone who signed R-71 will encourage or influence just 20 people, that would represent nearly 2.5 million votes.

It is in our hands during the next few weeks. We will do everything humanly possible, then ultimately the outcome will rest in God's hands.

I cannot overstate our need for your financial support today. It is absolutely critical. Thank you for doing what you can do today.

We will keep you updated regularly as we move forward.

God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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