Friday, October 16, 2009

Further Developments with R-71

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We wanted to give you a quick weekend update on R-71.

Ballots have been mailed out.

We want to let you know that there is a link on the home page of that will take you to your county and the information they are providing regarding the election. Some counties have more information than others, but the information on most, include drop box sites for your ballot.

I'm certain the various county websites will be updating their information as we move forward.

A number of rallies are scheduled across the state and more are being organized. As activities are organized, we will update the Events Calendar. If you have something scheduled, please notify us. You must give us your name and contact number so we can verify your identity. I know you understand why. I know you also understand that we will keep your information confidential to Faith and Freedom.

Remember, now that the ballots are out, every day is election day until Nov. 3rd. Spread the word.

R-71 Developments

I received an email from attorney James Bopp, Jr. this afternoon, filling us in on some further developments on R-71.

He said the three-member panel was very liberal leaning and sometimes hostile toward our positions. Not a big surprise.

Attorney Bopp is taking the matter to the Supreme Court and has contacted Justice Kennedy. As I am typing this update, I just received an email telling us that Justice Kennedy has called for a response to the application to vacate the stay. The response is due Monday, October 19. This is very positive. The vast majority of times the application is denied without requiring a response.

I cannot give more detail, but we all want you to know we are doing everything humanly possible to protect your rights and freedoms to participate in the election process with out the fear of retribution.

There is another action item in play this weekend that I cannot discuss publicly at the moment, however, it will play out over the next couple of days.

It is unconscionable that Attorney General McKenna and Secretary Reed are taking such an aggressive position to protect, as they contend, "open and transparent" government, while ignoring the real, documented threats already made against some who are defending marriage and the threat to further intimidate people using the names from the petitions.

We all want "open and transparent" government. We would also like some common sense that is not jaded by personal support of the homosexual agenda.

What happens now? Are the names available?

They are not. Interestingly, Tim Eyman has also filed for a stay on names from several of his petitions in light of the fact that some consultant is trying to obtain them. The Secretary's website reported today that the Eyman matter must be addressed before the Pasadena ruling can go into affect.

Much will be happening over the weekend. We will keep you posted.

Be vigilant. Be strong. Be discerning. Be prayerful.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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