Friday, October 02, 2009

R-71 Transcends the Referendum

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There are several dynamics emerging during this R-71 / SB 5688 effort.

First, there is a growing sense that the faith community is engaged and cares about the culture. Some had been listening to an incorrect drum beat and I am told were shocked that you were able to even place the referendum on the ballot. The press and the homosexual community would be among those shocked, although there are others.

There is also a growing number of people who, when they understand what SB 5688 is really all about, are opposed to it and will vote to "REJECT" it on the November ballot.

Angie Vogt has written an article for Red Country, titled, "R-71: A Tale of Two Genders". While I do not agree with all of her positions, she makes an excellent point regarding the deception of SB 5688.

In the article she says, "When a law is written in such a way that it is described by popular media as, 'Everything but marriage, without calling it marriage', we should know that we are being deceived. Laws are written for the purpose of exacting justice, so if it has to be written in such a way as to imply something, without actually declaring it to be so, then we have been taken for fools."

She also says, "To pretend that a same-sex relationship holds the same value for society as a life long, committed heterosexual union doesn't make it so. It's a form of self deception."

An interesting article.

There is also an emerging dynamic that transcends the referendum itself.

As you likely know, there has been a great deal of resistance toward the referendum from the day we began. Even in the first planning meeting earlier this year, there were those who told us they would not participate and that there was no chance for a referendum to make the ballot; that it was a waste of time and money, foolish, stupid, etc. And, they said, even if it were to make the ballot, it would be defeated by 30 points.

The press, of course, loved that dynamic. That was then, this is now. You were faithful to your beliefs and conscience. You worked hard and long and the referendum is on the ballot.

God blessed and honored your commitment and we honor His blessing of these acts of service.

During the course of this "trial by fire," aka, Referendum 71 campaign, something new and good has taken root and is beginning to emerge.

A new and genuine desire to work together is rising in the faith community. A number of organizations, such as Washington Values Alliance, Faith and Freedom, Concerned Women for America, Eagle Forum, YWAM, and a number of others have successfully worked together for this common good.

During this time people who had been opposed to Referendum 71 or simply ambivalent to the issue, have become energized and active. More churches are stepping up and educating their congregations on SB 5688 with flyers and other materials. As personal conversations continue about the issue, people are seeing the urgency of defeating this legislation and are sharing that urgency with others.

Earlier this week I attended a meeting that included pastors, leaders of faith-based organizations, and elected officials who serve in the State Legislature.

I cannot share all I know about this at this time, but can assure you that whatever the outcome of Referendum 71 / SB 5688, and I feel we have an excellent chance for victory if we stay on course, the faith community is emerging as a stronger voice in the culture and much more unified.

There will be a much stronger voice from the faith community this coming year than we have seen in recent years.

I am not suggesting that everyone is on board. They are not. Do not be misled. However, God is doing something special at this time.

Be very sensitive to the leading of His Spirit in these matters. Pray and spiritually test all things concerning these matters.

Take heart. I don't know, but I feel there is not just a cultural change in progress, but perhaps, and more importantly, a spiritual awaking. I would not be surprised to begin to see and hear of these things in local churches. There is an expectation, a humbleness and desire, which I believe, God will honor.

The sun is rising. May His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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