Thursday, October 01, 2009

You've Got to Love "Tolerance"

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We continue to get lessons and lectures on "tolerance".

One of the most recent goes something like this:

"On Friday, 9-25-09, I received 15 R-71 signs and put them out in the University Place area. As of Tuesday morning, 9-29-09, only 6 of the 15 were okay and remained where I put them."

Let me tell you what happened, what messages were sent back to this person and others who saw the defaced signs, the solution from someone else in another area and my personal observation regarding what I feel is the real lesson in this.

Nine of the 15 signs in University Place had been broken off or defaced with messages, including two with swastikas spray painted on them. The messages included:

"F--- you homophobe"
"Real love is one man and one man"
"man and man-woman and woman"
"Everyone should be equal-equal-equal-equal"
"One man and one man--one woman and one woman=LOVE"

And so on.

In a email from another person involved in the same effort, different area, relayed similar stories of sign destruction. He said, "I think these folks prefer boycotts and parades to tearing out signs. Taking out the signs is hard work, boycotts and parades are not. I just keep putting new signs up and now they have grown tired of it and leave them alone."

He used the word "persistence". Indeed.

I think there is also an unintended message in this.

Clearly there is a deep need to affirm a lifestyle as an acceptable identity. There is also a double standard regarding "tolerance".

But there is also something else.

I personally think these kinds of actions point out why homosexuals have a difficult time believing that Christians don't hate them, but rather stand against their attempt to legalize and enshrine into law as normal that which is not normal and to deconstruct the institution of marriage. There is no historical, theological or social basis to justify so-called homosexual "marriage".

Every major religion condemns it and no successful society has ever made homosexual relationships equal to marriage.

This realization leads to desperation, hate and a need to destroy anyone who opposes their agenda.

And it seems to preclude their ability to accept the fact that Christians do not hate them. Christians hate the destructive lifestyle and are not willing to incorporate that as a legal norm and equal to marriage. Without justification for the lifestyle, the only response left for homosexual advocates, it seems, is often personal destruction toward those who have a different view.

Christians also know of the grace and restoration that is found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, God's only begotten Son. In that all have sinned, we pray for God's deliverance and restoration for every person.

When one has been restored and redeemed in Christ, it is an easy matter to believe that everyone who disagrees with you does not necessarily hate you, because God's Spirit has dealt and is dealing with any hate you may have harbored.

It is said, "Those who the Son sets free are free indeed."

Freedom is a wonderful thing.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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