Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Alcohol and Pot Will Help Fill WA Budget Hole

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State Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson, D-Seattle, is sponsoring a bill to legalize marijuana. The bill will be introduced in the 2010 Legislature.

Under the bill, Marijuana would be sold in the 160 state run liquor stores state wide.

Dickerson has explained how her bill will help both individuals and help the state solve it's $2.6 billion shortfall next year.

First she says it will help individuals with addictions.

Under the bill, customers, 21 and older, will buy marijuana at the 160 state run liquor stores and will pay a tax of 15% per gram. Her plan will dedicate most of the money raised to substance-abuse prevention and treatment.

So the state legalizes and sells more addictive drugs so they can help those who are addicted.

Forget for the moment that marijuana is a proven gateway drug and is harmful to an individuals health.

Forget that Ron Brooks, president of the National Narcotics Officer's Associations' Coalition, told Rachel LaCorte at AP, ( same link from above) that he fears that if legalized, marijuana would contribute to more highway accidents and deaths, as well as a potential increase in health care costs for those who smoke it.

Forget all that, because:

Secondly, this bill will join alcohol sales to help fill the state budget hole---as it is called.

Dickerson says, "Our state is facing a huge financial deficit and deficits are projected for a few more years."

She also says, "We need to look at revenues and see what might be possible."

Dickerson believes her measure could bring into the state coffers as much as alcohol does----more than $300 million annually.

That would be more than $600 million from pot and alcohol. Just think what could be accomplished by expanding the number of state run pot and alcohol stores. Just by doubling the number of stores we could easily see over a billion dollars a year income. Think how many people that would help.

Preposterous? Was it last year or year before last that these lawmakers considered expanding the number of liquor stores in the state to increase revenue?

I agree with Brooks.

He says state law makers need to ask themselves, "If they believe we really will make all that revenue, and even if we did, will it be worth the suffering, the loss of opportunities, the chronic illness or death that would occur?"

Rep. Dickerson says she wants to "start a strong conversation about the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana."

The conversation has begun. Be assured it will be a strong one.

Would the state legislature really pass such a bill? You tell me. Take a look at the left to far left majority in the present legislature. Take a look at how much money they don't have.

Would the present Governor sign a bill such as this? One that would help so many people.

Vigilance and action is, I believe, the tone for 2010. We must watch this session very, very closely. We must also become active in replacing a number of lawmakers in the 2010 elections.

We will have a lot to say in this regard over the coming months. Seat by seat, I believe we can begin to reclaim the state and the principles that bring greater, not fewer personal freedoms. And protections rather than assault on family and marriage. And education in the classroom rather than social engineering.

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Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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