Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christian Medical Association CEO Quits AMA

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Dr. David Stevens, CEO of the 17,000 member Christian Medical Association, has sent a letter of resignation to the American Medical Association, canceling his membership.

Dr. Stevens says, "I can no longer associate with or support an organization that is unscientific, unprofessional and controlled by special interests."

He is asking the CMA's 17,000 members to carefully consider if they should continue their membership in the AMA.

Stevens told the AMA they have violated their own ethical statements at the behest of a vocal pro-abortion faction within the AMA.

He said, "Your resolution on right of conscience states that, 'AMA reaffirms that neither physician, hospital, nor hospital personnel shall be required to perform any act violative of personally held moral principles.' Yet you have worked vigorously at the federal level to overturn the only federal regulation that protects your members from this type of discrimination."

Dr. Stevens says the AMA's support of abortion and embryonic stem cell research, same-sex marriage and medical marijuana are examples of how their policies contradict and undermine the positions of many physicians and has resulted in membership declining from three in four practicing doctors being members in 1960, to one in five today.

Having met Stevens and shared a few public meetings with him, this does not surprise me. He is indeed a man of character and principle.

I sincerely hope his action will provide courage to others, both in and out of the medical field, to take a stand.

The fundamental institutions of our country---medicine, education, finance and the church, are experiencing a realignment, not primarily based on politics or in the case of the church, denomination, but on principle and deeply held beliefs.

It seems we have entered a time when everything that can be shaken is being shaken.

Pray for and support those who take the kind of stand Dr. Stevens has taken.

God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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