Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hypocrisy at a Glance and a Personal Message from a Reader

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I want to share two things with you today.

First, it is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. Indeed. Among the words the following picture speaks is HYPOCRISY.

Secondly, from time to time this year we will be publishing comments from our readers, with their permission. As you know our readers are encouraged to post their comments regarding each daily blog. There are many more who write comments to me personally each day---on a wide range of topics, but mostly related to the subject of that day.

Today I'm sharing a message from an elected political leader in Washington State, who is also a supporter of Faith and Freedom, a deeply committed Christian and someone who, in their own words, had a kind of personal "epiphany" on a specific issue.

My source for this picture is the Drudge Report. Think Hypocrisy.

The following is a message from a reader, in their own words.

Gary: I have to wonder if it is time to "tell it like it is." It took me a bit of time to understand when Chastity Bono said she was going through a "sex change operation" what that would mean. Then I got it. She was going to have a penis sewn onto her body so she can "be a man." I am not being crass here.....I am trying to communicate to others the reality of the state of mind of people we know and love who are in big, big trouble! I told a couple of people about my epiphany, and the horror on the faces of grown Christian adults was a sight to see. It was news to them. I have to assume that this person you are writing about had his penis cut off? We apparently have a surgeon in our town who does this kind of surgery, and one of my friend's sons was signed up to have it done. He was Catholic, and a priest had told him to go ahead. She asked me what I thought she should do. By then, I had figured it all out, so I told her
honestly, "Tell him that no matter what he does, no matter how much cutting he does, he will never genetically be a woman. He will never fix what is wrong in his heart with surgery. He needs help. He needs to think about what being a man really is all about for him. And he needs Jesus Christ." She burst into tears, and we hugged, and then she drove off. I felt horrible, but I prayed for them. A month later, I saw her at a meeting. She was absolutely radiant. She said, "My husband and I talked to our son and told him we were devastated by his decision and against it. We told him what you said, and we told him we wanted to help." They tracked down a Catholic counselor in another state who specializes in cases like this, and he had been counseling them by conference phone calls. Healing was starting. Not only did this young man not have the surgery.....he is now happier about himself and his maleness than he has ever been. Just wanted you to hear this. Are we as Christians really "grown up" in Christ? Is it wrong to talk or even think about such evil, perverted things, or are we expected to face the harsh realities of the times we live in and courageously witness to the truths that we know lead to repentance and restoration?