Wednesday, January 06, 2010

March of Death Continues - Does it Matter?

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Montana has now joined Oregon and Washington as the third state to allow doctor assisted suicide.

Expand abortion. Expand euthanasia. Redefine the family and deconstruct marriage. Welcome to the great Northwest.

Passing death legislation may be easier than acting on it. KING 5 ran a story titled, "Death With Dignity" more difficult than expected.

NARAL is asking visitors on their web site to vote for the person who has done the most for the abortion industry this past year. They want to honor that person. Nominations include late term abortionist LeRoy Carhart.

And Planned Parenthood recently released it's 2008-2009 annual performance report. They report despite the economic down turn and a slight decrease in annual income, their abortion business is doing well, boasting increased activity in all their lines of work---including condom distribution, advocacy and abortions.

They count 1,134,000 "abortion services" worldwide last year as "doing well". You should know 428,000 of those "services" were to youth. They even applaud themselves for promoting the abortion agenda through their affiliated organizations in countries that are traditionally pro-life.

So, what about Washington State? And does it matter? Did you know the State Legislature has created a safety net for Planned Parenthood in case the flow of federal money stalls?

This and a personal word about the coming year---please read more.

Washington State Planned Parenthood is reflecting and boasting of a very good year, while looking to the Governor and the Legislature to help them wiggle through Gregoire's mandatory budget which shows a 70% cut in services that are, for the most part, headed directly or indirectly to the Planned Parenthood bank account.

Planned Parenthood is applauding the legislature---your legislature, for assisting them in these difficult economic times.

Although the final state budget contains a 70% cut to" family planning"---code for abortion services, in 2010, the legislators have actually included language in the budget that says if federal funds for "family planning" ("abortion services") don't increase they commit to making sure "family planning" receives no more than a 10% cut.

For public consumption we know that the lawmakers are cutting 70%. However, buried in the attachments is the assurance that everything will be just fine in the abortion business.

How can legislators do that with the budget deficit they face? Does anyone care? I'm sure there is, as usual, a lengthy, layered answer that folks like us won't quite understand.

Will any of our legislators challenge this?

A legislator in Kansas cares about these matters and is not only pushing back, but sponsoring legislation that will de-fund Planned Parenthood in that state.

Is this march of death the final march or can we pull back from the destruction it is certain to bring?

There are a number of conservative, people of faith serving in the Washington Legislature. You know many of them by name. However, they are in the minority.

There is really only one way to pull back from the expanding death industry and the remaking of the culture. We must change the state legislature.

I sincerely believe that the greatest opportunities to correct a corrupt culture is found at the state level.

The lawmakers who advocate and vote for death, usually, also support higher taxes and bills that undermine marriage and the family.

There are a number of very good candidates emerging from a number of districts across Washington state. While Seattle and most of the Puget Sound area represents the greatest population density and does influence statewide issues such as R-71 and statewide elections toward the left to far left, keep in mind that county by county the state voted strongly conservative on the matter of "everything but marriage" for homosexuals. They did not support the final, incremental step to homosexual marriage.

You can influence who represents you in your district.

Many of the candidates are already contacting Faith and Freedom asking for our endorsement. We will not only be endorsing candidates who will support and vote traditional values, lower taxes and help create responsible government, but will be actively supporting them, doing all we can do through our PAC, to help them get elected.

The issues of life and values and family do matter, that is why I, personally, will not be distracted by those who attack our efforts or our beliefs. I believe many of you feel the same.

I am certain you will financially support our efforts and as the calls for action are given, will write the email, mail the letter, attend the hearings and work with candidates in your area who represent the values you and I share.

Together, with God's help, avoiding the distractions, we can make a difference.

Happy new year and God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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