Thursday, January 07, 2010

Abortion: A Big Box Industry?

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Walmart, Target, K-Mart and others have been defined as "big box" stores. A brand that suggests that they serve more people, more often.

The abortion industry is not far behind.

Later this month Planned Parenthood is opening the first "big box" abortion store in America. The largest abortion---I mean "health services," store in our country.

It has 78,000 sq. feet of space, including a wing for "late-term" abortions. Ironically, the building, formerly a bank, is shaped like a cash register.

The super store is located in a part of the city that supports Planned Parenthood's normal marketing strategy, including that of abortion, to low-income, minority women.

Could this be a forecast of what is to come, with the growth opportunities found in the Obama health care bill?

Did you know that the senate version of the health care bill, which has already passed, contains an amendment by Senator Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., that mandates abortion by insurers as "preventative care"?

Here are the details, with links.

The new abortion store will have it's grand opening in Houston on January 18---the day Martin Luther King's birthday is celebrated.

There is a protest march planned. If you live in the Houston area or have pro-life family or friends in the area you may want to make them aware of it. Details are found in the link above.

Senator Barbara Mikulski has successfully obtained her amendment through the Senate. While it has concerned pro-life senators who are paying attention and energized pro-abortion senators who are also paying attention, those in the middle---the ambivalent ones, have paid little attention.

Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and other such organizations have come out with full support. Checkbook in hand.

Her amendment moves abortion to the next level and defines it as "preventative care," mandating insurance providers to pay the whole amount, essentially creating abortion paid for by tax payers, free to the recipient.

A kind of heaven for organizations who are in the abortion industry. The need for this individual "preventative care" health care will be approved by the Health and Human Services and the Resources and Services Administration.

This year the National Abortion Federation said in "Providing Abortion Care" that "APCS [Advanced Practice Clinicians] are especially well positioned in the health care system to address women's need for comprehensive primary preventable health care that includes abortion care."

Indeed they are.

The big box abortion store in Houston is testimony to that.

Kristan Hawkins has written a touching and informative article on this matter.

She shares more detail on the amendment and it's impact and, from her own personal perspective as the mother of a son born with cystic fibrosis and pregnant with a second child, how the process of  "preventative services" works. Her perspective is clear and honest.

If you are pro-life, please read her article. If you are not, perhaps her article can help bring a new perspective to your view.

I would defer to a statement made by the late Martin Luther King,Jr. "It's time to subpoena the conscience of America."

Can we save ourselves from the taking of innocent lives? Or perhaps we should ask as someone did in the narrative of the New Testament, "What must I do to be saved?"

God help us.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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