Monday, February 22, 2010

President Obama Is "Managing The Decline Of America"

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Representative Mike Pence, R-Ind., said Friday, that President Obama and his administration are "managing the decline of America," rather than reversing that decline.

"And finally," Pence said as he concluded his speech, "to reverse American decline we should recognize that our present crises is not merely economic and political, but moral in nature. We must win back America for the fundamental traditional values of the American people: The sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage."

Pence pointed to Planned Parenthood as, "the largest abortion provider in America," and said they "should not be the largest recipient of federal funding under Title 10."

He said, "The time has come to defund any and all funding to Planned Parenthood of America."

I strongly agree.

However, the relationship between Planned Parenthood and President Obama is stunning when you consider his words regarding abortion---and lobbyists, for that matter.

When speaking to the so-called middle Americans--- those who cling to their guns and Bibles, he has often said, he believes abortion is a choice that women and their doctors should make, however, he has repeatedly said we must work to reduce the number of abortions.


What he is saying and what he is doing is dramatically different. While saying we should reduce abortions, he is working hard to expand the net of the largest abortion business in the country.

According to White House visitor logs, guess who is in the House on a regular basis, with almost unlimited access to the top White House staff members?

Steven Ertelt with LIFENEWS has been studying the White House visitor's logs and concluded last week that Planned Parenthood has, "Unfettered access to the White House and top staffers."

President Obama, Ertelt found, wasted no time in getting Planned Parenthood into the loop. Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, was invited to join a very small "special" group of friends and supporters who gathered at the White House on January 20---Inauguration Day. President Obama's first day on the job.

I have linked Ertelt's report of the significant and frequent access that Planned Parenthood has to the President's top staff.

Planned Parenthood is helping this administration shape its health care policies and sex-ed policies, while in concert, they continue to manage the decline of America.

Indeed, Rep. Pence is right.

America is faced with not only a political and economic crises, but a moral crises. We have lost our way. We are living in a culture where wrong is right and right is wrong and those who stand for what is right are often scorned and mocked.

And things are "true" because, "I said they are true."

We need a moral and spiritual awakening. May God help us.

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God bless you. Be Prayerful. Do not be silent.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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