Tuesday, March 09, 2010

DOMA "Stands in the Way"

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On the merit of President Obama's promise to end the military's ban on open homosexuality in the ranks, the discussion as to what must happen to accomplish it is underway. And it is raising some serious questions and producing some interesting comments.

Some Republicans are asking whether the military will deny housing and medical benefits to homosexual spouses, which will potentially produce a morale and readiness issue. And create a lack of equality.

Evan Wolfson with "Freedom to Marry" says, "Gay people serving in the military, defending our country, should have the same rules and same opportunities as any other Americans, no more no less."

They do. Homosexuals have the same "rules and opportunities " as everyone else. No more---no less.

They are asking that the rules be changed just for them. Special rights. And just because of their particular propensity of behavior. What about polygamists? Do they also have equal rights? And what about other specific behavioral groups?

Mr. Wolfson also told the press, "The irony is that if gay people were saying we should have a special right not to serve, the anti-gay groups would be clamoring to force gay people into the military."

Mr. Wolfson misses the irony. Homosexuals already have the right not to serve. We have an all-volunteer military. If you don't want to serve---don't serve. We all have that right. Does that somehow not matter because it is not a "special" right?

And what about housing? Will homosexuals who are "married" get the same benefits as those in a natural marriage? At present, five states allow homosexual marriage. What about, say, those from Washington State who are almost married---everything but the name?

Perhaps those Republican Senators---Sen. Curtis King, 14th District, Sen. Dale Brandland, 42nd District and Sen. Cheryl Pflug, 5th District---who voted against marriage and for homosexual "everything but the word marriage" could explain.

Here's the heart of the problem. DOMA stands in the way.

The Defense of Marriage Act defines marriage as between one man and one woman. The 1993 law that bans open gays in the military, also prohibits service members of the same sex from marrying, with the threat of discharge.

How does he deal with that?

If the President keeps his promise to homosexuals, it will create a wide diversity of benefits between homosexuals who are "married" in the five states that allow it, and those from the other states that are not "married" but have some other recognition, such as domestic partners, civil unions, etc.

Are those from Washington State, who are almost married, eligible for more benefits than those from a state that only allows plain domestic partnerships without having made all parental laws gender neutral as the Washington State Legislature is busy doing this session?

Will the military need to create multiple tiers of benefits?

The obvious answer? Abolish DOMA.

Representative Howard "Buck" McKeon, R-Calif. asked Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates if he will recommend that Congress repeal DOMA to avoid creating these disparities.

Gates' spokesman declined to comment.

Be prepared. The next wave of assault against marriage will come from the President's attempt to keep his promise to the homosexual community and a part of that will be the necessity to repeal DOMA because it is unconstitutional. It discriminates against gays and the military is proof. To not address it could compromise our national security---or something like that.

The assault on everything Judeo-Christian, principles and beliefs upon which our country was founded and has thrived, are under attack.

These are perilous times.

If there is any good news in this, it is that President Obama cannot abolish DOMA by fiat. It is a matter that must come before Congress.

If people of faith and conservatives are active in the upcoming election, perhaps the character of our Congress can be changed for the better before this assault arrives on their desk.

We have a great opportunity to change, not only the character of Congress, but that of the State Legislature in Washington State.

There are some highly qualified people running for office who, I believe, will support and advance our core beliefs.

Faith and Freedom Foundation is preparing an extensive educational campaign regarding the candidates who will be on the ballot this fall. It will be educational, not advocacy.

Our PAC will advocate.

We are in need of funds now so we can have all the preliminary work and research completed so all efforts can be toward distribution of educational information to individuals, churches and community groups across the state.

Your donation today would be very helpful.

Thank you and God bless you.
Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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