Friday, May 21, 2010

Comments and Opinions From Our Readers

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Thank you to all who participated in our Candidate Survey. If you want to participate, but have not done so yet, we are leaving the Survey up until Monday.

Your comments and opinions are very, very important and helpful as we are using them as a guide in creating a list of questions that will be sent to every Washington State candidate.

Several elected officials who presently serve in the Washington State Legislature are helping us frame the questions as well.

Universally you told us, "These are all important to me," and "It is difficult to prioritize them." We knew it would be difficult, but your response was helpful in that many, perhaps most lists included comments as to why you listed the issues as you did. Thank you. That was very helpful.

State's Rights was the #1 issue, with education #2 by .02% of a point. Marriage and abortion followed, with many referencing 2nd Amendment Rights and fiscal responsibility by the state government.

Your comments were very consistent, voicing your belief that until we can get government under control and education restructured, it is difficult to advance sanctity of life policies and defend and preserve traditional marriage.

You strongly believe that we must work locally to elect new politicians who believe in and will vote for traditional values.

You also feel that it is very important to restructure public education, because you feel that public education is contributing to our moral decline and we must get a handle on that. Particularly sex-ed.

Some of your comments:

"All of the issues are extremely important to me. It is my opinion that attacking government growth, coinciding with the debt, is the most important. The greater the government, the more Godless the nation..."

"In regards to State's Rights, they are extremely important to protect us from the federal government. Fiscal responsibility affects the tax payer which affects parenting and ability to own property. Marriage is the cornerstone of parenting where the sanctity of life is protected and supported. Education is paramount because the current public education erodes all of the above..."

"All of the above are extremely important to me. They are all #1."

"We must clean up the corruption in education."

"This is really hard."

"Thank you for asking us."

"Education:" We should not be asked to put more of our dollars to support a failing system."

"Marriage-1 man and 1 woman--is the KEY foundation and building block of society."

"These are difficult choices, all very important but keeping the fiscal house in order may help to address some of the other issues. Constitutional rights should never be violated, hence my rating State's Rights and Second Amendment rights in 2nd and 3rd position. God bless you and guide you."

Much was written about defending marriage and eliminating abortion on demand.

And yes, many kind words of encouragement and appreciation for what we are doing. Thank you. That means a lot given the many faces of opposition toward these efforts.

We have a few more questions and surveys over the next few weeks. Thank you in advance for participating.

And thank you in advance for your continuing financial support.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning.

Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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