Thursday, May 20, 2010

FEMA Asks Volunteers to Remove Christian T-Shirts

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While shooting a video of the tornado clean-up in Mississippi, Michael Mancino, a federal government employee asked two volunteers to change out their T-shirts.

The reason?

Because, said Mancino, "we don't want anything faith-based."

The T-shirts carried the logo of the Salvation Army, along with WJTV 12 and other sponsors of the clean-up event.

Under most other circumstances the incident would have likely gone un-noticed, however, given the visibility of Ch.12, FEMA was called out on it.

The two volunteers were members of Crossgates Baptist Church. US Representative Gregg Harper also attends and is a member of the church.

Once this became public, FEMA did what is most always done in these kinds of situations. They denounced the action, called Rep. Harper and assured him they do not discriminate against Christians, that FEMA values faith-based organizations and told Rep. Harper that Mancino had been fired.

However, FEMA told WJTV that Mancino had "been transferred out of the area."

Rep. Harper has launched an investigation and the Salvation Army plans to file a formal complaint with FEMA.

Clearly, we all make mistakes. This guy made one. The best case is that he was trying to create video that implied that FEMA was directly responsible for the work being done, when in fact they were not.

However, this once again highlights a pattern that we see all to often. Connect the dots:

*A child is allowed and assisted in leaving Ballard High School, during class, to get an abortion, without her parents knowledge. The parents find out and the school explains, deflects blame, agrees it should never happen, promises to talk to people and hopes it all goes away.

*Children, as young as kindergarten, are given explicit sex-ed materials, often produced or provided by homosexual advocacy groups. The parents find out and strongly object. The district expresses surprise, admits it was a mistake, promises to look into it, perhaps admonishes a teacher and hopes the controversy will all go away soon. While the kids are left with the mental impressions from the materials.

*Candidate Obama. He and his family sat under the ministry of Rev. Wright for 20 years with no discomfort toward his positions regarding America. When the Reverend's sermon videos were circulated publicly, public outrage followed, the Obama family finally left the church with the candidate saying he had never heard anything like that while attending the church for 20 years. The matter went away, the candidate became President and is presently "remaking" America.

Well---the matter sort of went away. The reverend was telling the press just this week that Barack Obama "threw me under the bus."

There is a predictable pattern among secular progressives---particularly regarding matters of faith and morality. Push the agenda as far as possible. If you are not called out, you have advanced your agenda. If you are called out, denounce, apologize, blame someone else, promise it will never happen again and try another day.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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