Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obama's "Inch By Inch" Homosexual Agenda

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It has been said, "Inch by inch, anything is a cinch."

President Obama seems to be operating on that premise in regard to his promises to homosexuals who helped elect him.

Incrementalism. Remember the frog in the kettle.

Senator Ed Murray, Representative Jamie Pederson, and other elected homosexual activists in the Washington State Legislature are following the same game plan as they and their allies continue to re-educate citizens in the State and continue their redefinition of marriage and family.

Homosexual activists in both Washingtons have expressed anger at the lack of progress.

Yesterday, President Obama ticked off a list of things he has done for the homosexuals to a select group of homosexual activists gathered at the White House.

Of note: One of those meeting with the President yesterday was Constance McMillen. Remember her? She was the teenage lesbian who wanted to take her girlfriend to their high school prom a couple of months ago, was denied, filed a lawsuit assisted by the ACLU, received a $30,000 check from "Ellen" and will now be the grand marshal of the NYC gay pride parade this next weekend.

One of the things the President announced to the activists yesterday, was that he, using an existing law, will now be able to give them up to 12-weeks maternity leave from their jobs for the adoption process.

He is working hard to please them, including his "shout out" to families with "two fathers" in his Father's Day Proclamation last weekend.

But they're not happy.

Fred Sainz, VP of Human Rights Campaign, the largest homosexual advocacy organization in Washington DC says, somewhat defending the President, "People wrongly assume that having Democrat majorities in Congress means that your legislative goals will be met. That's not the case."

Lane Hudson, long time homosexual activist who actually interrupted Bill Clinton while he was defending his own administration's handling of homosexual demands says, "The people in the White House have to realize that issues of equality are not controversial."

Two things.

First, keep in mind that because the homosexual agenda is moving slowly doesn't mean there is any loss of commitment on their part to re-engineer the culture. It is the steadfast resistance by people of faith that holds back evil.

Secondly, there is an orchestrated effort to elect, not just liberal or progressive legislators, but homosexual activist legislators, both nationally and in individual states. Tim Gill and other wealthy homosexuals are supporting various political campaigns around the country of candidates who will vote in favor of homosexual "marriage" and its related agenda.

And a third thing. Equality should not be controversial. I agree. Equality should also not be confused with sexual preference. The demands of homosexuals do not equate to the civil rights struggles of African Americans. Legalizing and celebrating perversion must always be controversial. Equality for people of all races must never be.

Be Vigilant. Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Free. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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