Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NBC Changes The Rules to Allow Homosexual 'Today Show' Wedding

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Thank you for your great response to reactivating the Faith and Freedom PAC. It's reactivated.

Homosexual activists have demanded that NBC 's " Today Show"
change its rules for the show's annual wedding contest.

NBC has changed the rules and extended their deadline for application to accommodate homosexual demands.

Although NBC received voice mails and email protesting its decision to include homosexual "marriage" in the show's annual on-air wedding contest, they issued a statement that said the show considers relations with the gay and lesbian community very important. Indicating, apparently, that the show considers its relations with the Christian community, that spoke loudly on the issue, not so important.

"Moving forward," NBC said, "we ensure that our future wedding contests will be inclusive to all couples."

I wonder if they will discriminate against polygamist "weddings" that want to enter their contest?

Homosexual activist Jarrett Barrios, with GLADD, credits his organization with initiating the thousands of calls that caused NBC to change their rules. He is "thrilled" and says that now the Today Show, "recognizes what most fair minded Americans have already concluded---a wedding celebrates love and commitment, whether the spouses are straight or gay."

Well, perhaps Mr. Barrios is missing the true definition of "fair minded". A majority of Americans do not support homosexual marriage. And they probably don't care whether Mr. Barrios thinks they are fair minded or not. They believe in the traditional values that made this country great and strong----including natural marriage, one man-one woman, to be the desired norm and policy.

These "unfair-minded" people are also getting tired of television.

Last week Americans avoided television in record levels.
Associated Press reports that CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX together, had the smallest number of prime time viewers in the 20 years Nielson Company has been reporting.

Their explanation? Barbecues and fireworks. They say families are distracted by barbecues and fireworks.

Is this the first year Americans have done fireworks and barbecues?

Something else is in play. Americans are fed up with the assault on marriage, family and traditional values by television and the entertainment industry in general.

American Idol became a soap box for Ellen this past year to make a few "cute" comments about homosexuality and they are loosing viewers. The program GLEE is a lecture about an innocent homosexual kid with an old white father who is "out of touch," at least one lesbian movie is scheduled out this summer and a host of other "lectures under the guise of entertainment" are out or in the works.

So-called "unfair-minded" people are sick of it. And they are avoiding it.

There is a better day a 'comin.

Be Strong. Be Faithful. Be Wise. Be Grateful. Be Blessed.

Thanks for
your financial support.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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