Monday, October 11, 2010

HRC Attacking Mormon and Catholic Leaders Over Homosexual "Rights"

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Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the largest homosexual rights organization in the country, is on the attack toward those who stand for natural marriage and oppose the normalization of homosexual behavior.

While they attack individuals, their campaign undermines, erodes and violates the freedoms of religion, speech and conscience.

Unfortunately, their efforts are funded by some of
America's largest and most influential corporations.

Marriot, Comcast, Giant, Food Lion, Macy's, Chipolte, Hershey's, AARP, Google, Microsoft and Verizon are a few of a long list of sponsors of the Human Rights Campaign annual fundraiser dinner last week titled, "No Excuses" National Dinner.

With the financial backing from some of America's richest companies, they are lashing out at some who oppose their message and the homosexual agenda.

They are presently running a letter writing campaign, demanding that Boyd K. Packer of the LDS Church retract his statements made on a recent Sunday, saying that homosexual behavior is "impure and unnatural" and that America should not legalize same-sex marriage.

Packer said, "There are those today who not only tolerate, but advocate voting to change laws that would legalize immorality, as if a vote would some how alter the design of God's laws and nature."

HRC accuses Packer in their open and public letter of, "potentially contributing to suicides among young people."

The letter says, "I'm appalled that you chose this moment to deliver a sermon saying same-sex unions are immoral."

It continues, "You have risked further alienating LGBT youth and potentially contributing to suicides of even more vulnerable young people."

HRC has publicly accused Pope Benedict 16 of, "Hurting people in the name of Jesus," and accused the Catholic Church of being, "immoral and insulting to Jesus," for declining to serve communion to an openly lesbian couple.

Robert Knight, a senior writer with Coral Ridge Ministries and considered an expert on the issue, says corporate America has been taken in by the pro-homosexual agenda.

He says, "Many corporations have bought into the false idea that people are born gay, can't change, and that sexual inclination is the same as race. But unlike race or ethnicity, sex has a moral component. The behavior is volitional---and tragic."

Knight says that homosexuality is hurting those who claim their sexual orientation is a civil right.
He points out, "A new CDC survey shows that one in every five gay or bi-sexual males has the HIV virus, even after years of so-called 'safe sex' education."

Knight says, "If any other group's behavior triggered that kind of stat, there would be a national outcry for discouraging it, not promoting it as a 'civil right'."

He correctly points out that the other side of this issue is, "that employees with traditional values are forced into re-education 'diversity' sessions and told that their sense of normalcy and morality is really hate and bigotry."

Tragically, this is where we are in America today.

This violates and undermines the freedoms of religion, speech and conscience.

This became very clear to me recently when I was summoned for a deposition in the Attorney General's office regarding the sealing of the names of those who signed R-71 petitions.

Under oath, I was questioned for more than 4 hours with 2, five or so minute breaks, by an attorney from the Attorney General's office and an attorney representing the homosexual rights organization, Washington Families Standing Together.

Frankly, the questioning was brutal, far overreaching, in my opinion, and I felt like the purpose was to discredit, destroy and silence our voice and any influence we may have. Dozens of copies of my writing and personal quotes in local Seattle, Washington and national newspapers were placed before me. I was questioned as to my beliefs, what I considered to be "gay bashing," my thoughts on the teachings of Islam toward homosexuality, my personal beliefs on the subject, how often I speak publicly and much more. It was exhausting.

I will write about the deposition in detail at a later, more appropriate time.

There is a price to pay for anyone who stands for biblical truth on the matter of homosexual behavior and the gay agenda. And it is often funded by massive amounts of money, sometimes from sources you would not expect.

Your financial support allows us to continue. Your kind words encourage us. And your prayers sustain us.

From my heart---thank you.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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