Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Time To Vote

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Faith and Freedom PAC has posted a list of candidates we endorse and are urging you to vote for.

We have drawn information from candidate responses in interviews and public speeches, official statements, web sites, past voting records---where they exist, general information, personal interviews and information gathered from elected officials who support our core values.

From this we have made our endorsements.

The endorsements include all races in the State House, State Senate, US House, US Senate and the State Supreme Court.

Because Faith and Freedom PAC is a state, not federal, political action committee, the PAC has not endorsed federal House and Senate candidates, however, Gary Randall has personally made endorsements.

Please follow the links to this information. There is also a PDF that you may
download, print and distribute. We encourage you to do so to as many friends, family and contacts as possible.

Please note the Explanation of Candidate Information and Endorsements.

You will notice that we have abbreviated the information on candidates to keywords to save space on the downloadable information sheet.

Faith and Freedom PAC has targeted 5 races that we feel can be won and will significantly improve the Legislative posture toward our core values in the upcoming session. We may add to that list over the next week. While we intend to support all the candidates we have endorsed, this is our focus.

We are asking for
your donation to specifically assist us in helping these candidates win.

Those targeted races are:

John Ahern House District 6, position 2

Ahern is strong on our core values and will vote with us on the issues. His opponent, John Driscol, voted for SB 5688, supporting the homosexual agenda and supports the
expansion of public education.

Michele Strobel House District 14, position 1

Strobel's opponent, Norm Johnson, is a Republican but must be replaced. He does not support our core values, but does support the homosexual agenda, voting for SB 5688. Michele Strobel has the support of the faith community and many in the business community. She is a banner carrier for our values. She is a mother, business woman and pastor's wife. She is articulate, experienced and well informed on the issues.

Jason Hearn House District 22 , position 1

Hearn is pro-life, pro-marriage and opposes increased taxation. We believe he can win and will vote with us on the most important issues.

Steve O' Ban House District 28 position 1

O'Ban is a Christian leader and attorney. He has led in some of the most important advances of Judeo-Christian values, including the passage of Washington State's Defense of Marriage Act. He is an advocate for the people, is committed to less, not more taxation and is pro-life. A banner carrier.

Dr. Art Coday House District 32, position 1

Dr. Coday is pro-life, pro-marriage and opposes increased taxation. He is a Christian leader and will be a banner carrier for our core issues.

Alexander Solzhenitzyn spent 50 years studying the history of the Russian Revolution. His conclusion? In his Templeton address in 1983 he said simply, "Men have forgotten God; that's why all this is happening."

We have an opportunity in this election, to elect people who serve and honor God and are highly qualified to serve others as elected officials.

Over the next three weeks we ask that you make a
donation to Faith and Freedom PAC. If you can give $1000 or more that will help get these and others elected. If you can donate $25--$50-- $100, all will help. Please do what you can.

This election is a "game changer" as they say. Over the next 20 or so days the culture of this state will be set for the next 20 years as a result of this election.

This is indeed a Time To Vote.

Working together we can make a difference. Rather than publishing general information, we as a board have chosen to go directly at this election with specific endorsements, urging you and others to vote for specific candidates that we feel will support our, and your, most important issues.

Your donation to the PAC will help achieve that shared goal.

Thank you and God bless you.

Faith and Freedom PAC
Board of Directors