Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WA Ballot Measure Analysis and Recommendations

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Judge Orders Pentagon to Halt "DA-DT" Worldwide

US District Judge Virginia Phillips in California yesterday, ruled that the military policy, "Don't Ask-Don't Tell," is unconstitutional and the only proper remedy is to grant a broad, worldwide injunction barring the US Military from enforcing its policy.

One activist judge.

Government attorneys objected to halting, "Don't Ask -Don't Tell," saying such an abrupt change might harm military operations in a time of war.

Homosexual rights organizations were cheering the judge last night saying she accomplished what "President Obama and Washington politics could not."

Are they suggesting democracy is unconstitutional as well?

We will keep you posted.


Washington Ballot Measure Analysis and Recommendations

There are a number of ballot measures that will appear on the Washington State ballot. They can sometimes be confusing and misleading. Some measures are designed to expand government, not limit it.

For example, some have advocated keeping the state in the liquor business, we do not. A state run liquor industry is not more "moral" than a non state liquor industry, nor will it keep people who want liquor from acquiring it. There are some lawmakers who have advocated using the state run liquor industry to distribute marijuana, should they legalize it, while others have advocated expanding the number of state run liquor stores to increase revenue to the state. State government needs to be reduced, not expanded.

Representative Matt Shea is a leader in the legislature on issues most important to Christians and conservatives. He also serves on the board of Faith and Freedom PAC.

We have adopted his analysis and recommendations on the measures as our own.

This link will give you a PDF for your own review and something to circulate among friends and contacts.

As you know, we have targeted several races in the upcoming election that we feel can be won. These, along with other wins, will significantly change the disposition of the State Legislature.

Your donation now will help over the next 20 days.

Be Informed. Be Active. Be Prayerful. Be Free.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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