Tuesday, November 09, 2010

From the Desk of Gary Randall

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I started Faith and Freedom Foundation in 2003 for the purpose of educating people and advancing Judeo-Christian principles in our culture. Something I often included in my sermons as a pastor.

I was not looking for something to do, nor was it intended as a hobby. After a life of pastoral ministry and evangelism, I felt blessed and honored to have been used in His Kingdom. However, I felt strongly compelled to do what we are doing. I am grateful I was spared knowing the future challenges of such an endeavor.

The response to our website and the daily blog has exceeded our highest expectations in readership and activity levels. We have experienced tens of millions of hits, thousands of email messages and even a few posts, some of whom I feel may not agree with us.

Now, America and our communities stand at a crossroads. Will we concede our future, our children, our grandchildren---the destiny of this great nation and the worldwide Christian ministry opportunities that exist because of this country and its blessings?

In recent years I have had weekly contact with one of my professors from the 1960s when I was a student at Northwest University in Kirkland. This contact continued until his death. He responded to many of our blogs with encouragement and constructive input.

Only a few weeks before he passed away he said, "Gary, did you ever think you would see our culture crumble to this extent? Remember when we talked about the possibility of this, back in the 60's, if certain philosophical positions were advanced in our culture and biblical principles were removed?"

I told him I could not have imagined we would have gone this far this quickly.

Yesterday, I wrote a very candid explanation of why I feel we cannot concede the culture to far left secular progressives.
Link to blog.

It is easy to conclude that it is, "in God's hands," or, "We are citizens of heaven, not this world," or, "We are called only to share the gospel and not get involved in politics."

Speaking biblical principles and solutions into the culture is not "getting involved in politics," however, if more Christians would get involved in all aspects of leadership, it would dramatically impact our world.

And what about Jesus' parable of the talents? To whom much is given, much is required. Americans have been given the gift of freedom and prosperity unlike any country in history. Have we not been given a special destiny? Are we not to defend such a gift---a talent?

If you have not, please read my
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We are asking for your financial help to continue in the battle for the soul of our country and our communities.

tax deductible donation is much needed. Whatever you can do will be deeply appreciated.

God bless you.


Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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