Monday, November 08, 2010

A personal Message to Friends of Faith and Freedom

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Most of our country took a step back last Tuesday from the precipice of destruction from the far left, secular, socialist, policies of President Obama and those who enable him.

Washington State did not. In several important races we chose to stay with his destructive policies.

Benjamin Franklin famously concluded during the 1787 Constitutional Convention that the sun was rising, not setting on America.

Indeed it was.

But what about the Northwest---particularly Washington State? Sunrise? Or, sunset?

While some excellent candidates were elected to the state Legislature and we are very grateful for that, some were not, simply because they were not far left and secular. Not because they were not qualified for the office.

Many of you have written thanking Faith and Freedom for the role we played daily in helping lift the fog of secularism and socialism that has descended upon our rugged coastal areas, our mountains, our fertile central valleys and the Eastern plains of this great state and country. And thanking us for our effort in helping educate people to Judeo-Christian values and principles. And how those principles relate to our culture.

And we thank you for your regular monthly support which allows us to do what we do. We also thank those who have contacted us telling us they have included Faith and Freedom in their estate planning.

However, the battle has just begun.

Can I count on you to continue to stand with
Faith and Freedom Foundation with your tax deductible financial support? What ever you can do-$25- $10--$50--$100 or $1000 is needed at this time.

Here's why.

Only God can speak to your heart. He has certainly spoken to mine. Let me share some thoughts.

Too many in the faith and conservative community have concluded that the battle has been lost. In fact, some Christian leaders have said, not only privately, but to the press, that the battle for the culture has been lost because of our "Post Christian" culture.

I think this may have been reflected in the lower than average turnout of voters in some more conservative leaning counties like Yakima, Spokane and Okanogan---as examples.

It is true that Christian "emerging churches" have so contextualized the gospel, it is difficult to distinguish their beliefs from those of the secular culture. With biblical truths lost in the message, many are led away from those redeeming truths and principles, rather than toward them. All in an effort to relate culturally.

It is also true that the "religious left" led by Jim Wallis, Tony Compollo and others strongly advocate for what they call "social justice" as a biblical mission for contemporary Christians. At the heart of it, they are advocating for larger government and more individual dependence on the government, all in the name of biblical charity. Charity is a personal, biblical mandate. They are useful pawns in the hands of an administration who seeks to destroy the essence of what made America great. And they are misleading too many evangelicals.

It is true that 87% of evangelical pastors believe they should not endorse political candidates from their pulpit. Unfortunately, in not endorsing candidates, many also fail to give any cultural direction fearing reprisal from congregants or the federal government.

Consequently, some concede that the battle for the culture has been lost.

Here's why we must not concede.

In the early 1700s, many Americans had grown cold in the strong Puritan biblical beliefs that had been held by their ancestors. It had been more than 160 years since Jamestown and Plymouth Rock. Several generations had come and gone and people were getting on with their lives. They had moved away from the vibrancy of their religious faith. Some had abandoned it. Many had accepted the dictates of England's King as "the way it is." "Nothing we can do about it."

The preachers of the Great Awakening of the 1730s---Jonathan Edwards, George Whitfield and others traveled from town to town---city to city, preaching a message of biblical renewal to the three million who lived in America at the time.

They preached fiery biblical sermons and people were moved toward God and toward the cultural issues of their time. Including the issue of slavery.

Many Christian leaders opposed their revival meetings. It is well documented that among some, these itinerant preachers were not endorsed or approved. Or appreciated. In fact, sometimes banned.

It is also well documented that the Great Awakening led to the Declaration of Independence and the founding of the greatest nation in the history of the world.

What if Edwards and Whitfield and others would have concluded, we have lost the battle for the culture? We'll never know because they did not conform and they did not concede.

If we concede the culture to the far left secularists, we will never know how our nation and our communities may have been moved and restored by the True message of hope and change.

I cannot personally concede such a thing. Restoration will never come from political change, but it will always result in political change.

We are preparing to help Legislators who share our biblical and political views move certain legislation forward in the upcoming session in Olympia. We cannot not do this without your support. The opposition is enormous.

We are working to expand the Faith and Freedom Network to include more people that can be notified and asked to contact their elected officials regarding certain legislation. Would you ask people to join us by
subscribing to our daily Blog?

We are making plans and commitments toward reaching out to the "whatever" generation that has been taught there are no absolutes---there is no God. Truth is relative. Details will follow.

Your investment of a donation to Faith and Freedom Foundation is an investment in our communities, our state and the work of the Lord.

Can I count on you to stand with me? The battle is the Lord's, but we are called to serve and take action.

Only God can speak to your heart, but I have shared from my heart. I await your response. It is important and it has some urgency.

You can mail a check or
give online. Whatever you can do will be deeply appreciated and used wisely.

Be Vigilant. Be prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom