Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Christian" Get's Straightened Out

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In a video that has been seen on YouTube alone by nearly two and a half million people, an out-of-touch man named "Christian" is reeducated and straightened out regarding his understanding about homosexual behavior.

The short educational video cartoon is soft sell and explains to the viewer just how out-of-touch old men in the past have been and typical middle America, particularly Christians, are today. "Christian" is cast as uninformed, unsure and confused about his beliefs.

Focusing on so-called studies on genes, hormones and birth order, the viewer is told homosexuality is common in nature, normal among humans and socially acceptable to most all recognized medical groups.

The educational video takes on what they call, "ex-gay ministries," mocking and discrediting them.

Homosexual behavior is presented as normal and genetic, with birth order playing a significant roll.

I am told this video is being circulated among school children. I am trying to find out if it has been used in any public schools in Washington State. If you are aware of its use as" educational" material in any public schools, please let me know by

It is deceptive on several fronts. It gives the impression that homosexual behavior is genetic, while in fact, there has never, ever been any genetic linkage.

It both mocks those who advocate that homosexuals can change through spiritual restoration and deceptively says they never change, even through spiritual transformation.

Take a couple of minutes and watch the
video. Every Christian and social conservative should be aware of it.

I welcome your feedback.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Active.


Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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