Monday, February 14, 2011

HB 1267--- Redefining Parenthood

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"My Daddy's Name is Donor"---"Family is the New Gay"---"My Mommies Rule"---"Got Moms," are just a few of the slogans being printed on children's clothes and distributed across the nation.

The family and parenthood is being redefined. Quietly, sometimes deceptively, but with great resolve on the part of those who seek to do so.

In the spirit of the new Washington State Domestic Partnership law, a group of state legislators are moving to "comply" with the new law and in doing so, are redefining not just the family, but parenthood itself.

The current attempt is
HB 1267. Click here to see the list of legislators who are sponsoring the bill.

You may click
here to read the text of the bill as it is being presented.

The hearing is tomorrow, February 15, at 8 AM in House Hearing Room C -- the John L. O'Brien Bldg.

If at all possible, please attend the hearing. Also, please
call your representative and tell them you strongly oppose the bill.

This bill will allow women to enter into a paid surrogacy contract, become pregnant through fertilization procedures and give up the child for financial profit.

It also changes the presumptions of parenthood. Presently, if a married woman gives birth to a child, her husband is legally presumed to be the father of the child.

HB 1267 extends that presumption to homosexual relationships, so the child can be legally presumed to have a second mother.

Parenthood is being re-defined in the laboratory of social experimentation. Generally, this process follows the legalization of homosexual marriage, but in the case of Washington State, the several homosexual activist legislators are so confident that they are near the gold ring of homosexual marriage, they are moving forward under the guise of "complying" with the DP law.

I think we should be concerned, very concerned, as to how this will further affect children.

In the brave new world of redefined family and parenthood, sperm donors might not be fathers, mother's girl friends and ex-girl friends can be mothers or fathers.

Egg donors and surrogates are usually not considered mothers, but can be---sometimes.

Absent fathers, when they anger their ex-girlfriends, can be reduced, at least rhetorically, to mere sperm donors---yet the state generally holds them accountable for child support.

What does "father" mean?

What does "mother" mean?

Who decides? Homosexual activists?

The common thread that runs through this great social experiment of redefining parenthood is the adult right to a child. But the rights and needs of an adult to have a child is not the whole story.

Even the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child recognized that back in 1989.

Parenthood is increasingly becoming an institution oriented primarily around the needs of the adult, which is consistent with the basic self centered philosophy driving the homosexual rights movement. The fact that children have both a need and a right to have a father and a mother is pushed to the shadows.

We should have serious concerns about the family diversity curriculum that is imposed in the public school classroom and beyond into the media and entertainment industry, all this along with the silencing in the culture about the importance of mothers and fathers.

Legal adoption was never intended to support a perverted argument to advance homosexual "rights," nor the argument that children don't care who their mothers and fathers are. Much less to re-engineer the family and marriage.

God help us. And God help the children. Outside the Christian and conservative community there is no outrage, there is no conviction, is there no thought as to what would be best for the child?

Be Vocal. Be Prayerful. Be Active.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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