Wednesday, February 09, 2011

PPH Caught Again----Abortion Clinics Unregulated in WA State

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Yes, Planned Parenthood has been caught again, this time in New York City, and again it has to do with sex trafficking of minors.

The trial for the abortionist in Philadelphia is under way. What is being learned will shock your sensibilities and conscience.

And did you know the abortion clinics in Washington State are unregulated? That's right. Unregulated.

First, Planned Parenthood in New York City has told an undercover "pimp" that he can serve as guardian for his underage sex slaves.

Keep in mind, sex trafficking of minors is a federal crime and punishable by imprisonment of 10 years to life. 18 US Code 1591.

Any person who aids, abets, or counsels a federal crime to be committed may be punished as if they had committed the crime themselves. 18 US Code 2.

view the video of this latest encounter with evil.

There are several things that stood out to me during the video taped meeting.

*These young pro-life people at "LIVE ACTION" have made 14 or 15 similar videos and Planned Parenthood has never challenged the authenticity or validity of the tapes. Others have, but PPH has not. They are authentic.

*The demeanor of the abortion clinic managers and staff suggests to me that this is not something unusual or out of the ordinary in any way and are always ready with a hushed tone explanation of how to proceed, regardless of how illegal or bizarre the circumstances the "client" is describing.

* Note the emphasis on "confidentially"---keeping things from parents, etc. The Planned Parenthood worker, Kristol, says, "Like, a 13 year old could come in and get the services she needed by herself." Telling the pimp he could be the guardian if needed.

Now Planned Parenthood is publicly promising to "re-train" their workers on "how to report potential risks to minors." And they say this is not new material, but material they have previously used for training. This will be a "refresher".

A "refresher"? Oh sure. That will make everything okay. I think I see a little more than a forgetful employee. I see activism in its lowest, most immoral and likely illegal, form.

Those who see and advocate abortion as merely a sophisticated and progressive right and choice should think again.

The trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist in Philadelphia, is already revealing more than most of us would want to know.

Local people are asking, "How many severed baby spines does it take to pay for a $948,000 shore house?" "How many severed baby feet is a boat worth?" And, "What part of Dr. Gosnell's abortion clinic paid to keep his 41 year younger mistress on the payroll?"

He is charged with killing 7 babies and one patient.

The court has found he made $1.8 million per year, just on abortions, not including prescriptions, etc.

And most all of the $1.8 million was cash from desperate, poor women. Likely minorities.

While Planned Parenthood and NARAL lead the charge to abort the pro-life Pregnancy Centers by suing them out of business, they themselves are operating without any oversight or state regulation.

Abortion Clinics in Washington State are not regulated by the State.

Ramona Reeves-Stumpf, a homeschooling mom, former journalist and County Council staffer, was wondering what state regulations applied to abortion clinics, since they are so focused on regulating the Pregnancy Centers, so she wrote an email to the Department of Health last month asking if abortion clinics were regulated.

The response:

"Good Afternoon, Ramona,

"We do not regulate abortion clinics in Washington State."

The State continued. "These clinics do not have any safety or cleanliness standards, because the clinic itself is not regulated."

I have linked
Ramona's website and the state's complete response.

She notes that, "Pro-abortion forces want to regulate facilities that merely provide Information, about a women's pregnancy and All her choices."

While they themselves remain unregulated. And in control of a majority of elected state legislators regarding this issue.

Is legalized abortion the enemy within?

Marcus Tillus told the Roman Senate in 58 BC:

“The enemy is within the gates; it is with our own luxury, our own folly, our own criminality that we have to contend.”

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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