Wednesday, March 09, 2011

"Death Bill" Dies in Olympia

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HB 1366, a bill designed to essentially kill pro-life Pregnancy Centers through litigation, failed to make it out of the House of Representatives before 5 PM Monday evening---and died.

A similar bill in the Senate also failed to make it out of committee before the 5 PM deadline.

This is significant in that Planned Parenthood, NARAL and other highly funded abortion industry leaders and advocates pulled out all the stops to get this legislation passed. And a majority of Representatives and Senators are "pro-choice"---pro-abortion, with many of their political campaigns supported by the pro-abortion folks.

Had the bill become law, it would have likely expanded the abortion industry in Washington State by eventually eliminating the community funded, pro-life Pregnancy Centers as a viable alternative to PP.

Representative Matt Shea, a leading pro-life legislator in the House of Representatives, told me yesterday, it was indeed a big win against a very bad bill.

He said the bill is dead, "unless some unforeseen circumstances arise."

Shea said, "It's a great victory for non-profit, privately funded pregnancy centers across our state that provide vital counseling services and maternity homes where young, pregnant girls have a place to stay and learn important life skills."

He asked me to thank all of you who are Friends of Faith and Freedom who contacted your legislators with calls and emails, and those who attended the hearings, joining the Pregnancy Centers and other pro-life friends across the state.

Shea and other legislators who hold our values, have told me often, the response from citizens like yourself cannot be underestimated in dealing with the pro-abortion, anti-marriage and family majority.

In parting Shea said, "Gary, keep up the great work you are doing." I told him we would.

Your support allows us the opportunity to continue. Thank you for your financial support, your prayer support and your kind and encouraging words.


Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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