Friday, September 16, 2011

Faith and Freedom PAC

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Paid For By Faith and Freedom PAC

The administrator of the Faith and Freedom PAC has told us we need 10 registered voters in Washington State to give a minimum of $10 to the PAC to re-activate it. There is about $1000 in the account and we would like to start distributing those funds and others which will be raised in the future toward electing and re-electing those lawmakers who support conservative, Christian social values. And helping to defeat those who do not.

We cannot disburse any funds until the PAC is re-activated.

Would you help us with that today by clicking here and making an online donation? Thank you. For an address to mail in a donation, click here.

Have you heard or seen the "Donkey Whisperer"?

It's a political ad that is considered by many to be one of the most engaging and funny ads anywhere in the country.

It's Friday. Every Republican deserves a smile. You've got to see it.

Roger Williams, Rick Perry's former Secretary of State is running for a newly created Congressional seat in Texas.

Click here to see "The Donkey Whisperer". These 2 minutes will cause you to smile through this entire weekend.

Have a great one.

Faith and Freedom Political Action Committee.