Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Sen Ed Murray, Going "For That Final Piece" -- Marriage

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With the bothersome little steps of incrementalism and the denial that each little step was related to re-defining marriage behind him, Senator Ed Murray, aided by other homosexual Legislators, is ready to, in FOX Q-13's words, fight for "that final piece."

Please take a moment and watch the short interview if you have not seen it.

With an accommodating voting record by several Republicans on their incremental journey toward "marriage," unfailing and vocal support by most all Washington State news organizations and a belief that "post modernism" and "culturally relevant" churches silent on social issues, pastors who publicly criticize those who do take a stand and a changing culture has prepared a good number of Christians to remain silent and not take a stand in defense of natural marriage, Murray says this is the time to re-define it.

He also says this year will be the best year to beat back any referendum attempt once he gets the legislature to approve his "marriage" plan because many Democrats will be voting in the general election to support President Obama. Murray feels they will also support his re-definition of marriage.

And, as he is well aware, he can operate in the chill that the Attorney General McKenna has created toward people of faith signing initiative petitions in defense of marriage, should the Attorney General prevail in the upcoming trial.

Murray says he's already got all but the label. Now he is going for the label---"the final piece."

And he's counting on lawmakers proving to their politically correct constituents that they are fair and are not bigots, while the news media lead the parade.

We are organizing to make our best case against re-defining marriage, both in the legislature and if necessary, with an initiative effort. I will be sharing specific plans soon.

This is a most critical time. We can only stand strong, if you stand with us.

Thank you for your financial support.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Fear Not. Be Blessed.

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