Thursday, February 23, 2012

McKenna Loses Stormans Conscience Case

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US District Judge Ronald Leighton ruled yesterday that the State of Washington does not have the right to force pharmacies---specifically the Stormans family pharmacy in Olympia, to sell abortion pills, (Planned Parenthood calls them Plan B pills) which would violate their pro-life beliefs.

The case has been in process for several years, costing the Stormans family over $500,000 in defense of their right to express their deeply held pro-life beliefs in their own pharmacy.

McKenna argued for 11 days that the state did have the right to force the Stormans to sell the abortion pills because they had to "provide timely access to medicines for people who need them."

That of course, is Planned Parenthood's line.

Judge Leighton didn't buy McKenna's argument and ruled "No," the state's true goal was to suppress religious objection by druggists. Not to promote timely access.

Elaine Rose, who is associated with Planned Parenthood and shared in McKenna's loss said, "Really this is a blow to access for all patients."

Not really. It's a blow to the pro-abortion industry, their defenders and those who enable them.

The Associated Press published a story on this ruling yesterday afternoon with more detail, however, they failed to include a very important statement by Judge Leighton. The Judge said in his ruling, "The question of life and death is serious. It's not facial hair. It's not a burqa. I do not know when life begins, but I will not denigrate somebody's view of when life begins."

There are obviously those who will. Or at least try.

I know, the "moderates" will be sending me email saying Mr. McKenna was only doing his job. Yeah, maybe.

But now that this ruling has been made, what will Attorney General McKenna do? He has unlimited state funds to pursue this attack on conscience. Will he do it?

If so, what will the Stormans family do? Will this ultimately put them out of business? Break their back.

Can they squeeze another $500,000 out of their small family business?

Will Mr. McKenna let it go and leave the Stormans alone? Would Planned Parenthood stand for that?

Or will he pursue this all the way to the Supreme Court?

We'll watch and see what happens.

One thing is certain. The Stormans family are good people who deeply believe in the sanctity of life. They deserve the right to practice their faith in their own pharmacy and should not have to spend another half million dollars defending that right.

If you live in the general area of Olympia or are traveling through, stop by their Thriftway store and pharmacy and spend some money.

Also, if you are willing to circulate petitions to defend marriage please sign up here.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.