Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Redefining Marriage-What's Next?

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With the attempt to redefine marriage under way and premature celebrations popping up on Capitol Hill, here's an update of where we are and what's ahead.

As you know, the Washington State Senate approved SB 6239, the bill to redefine marriage, by a 21 TO 28 vote.

Most of our readers have seen the senate roll call vote list----who voted to redefine marriage and who voted against it, however, I continue to get requests to publish the list. This is it.

Note that Republicans; Fain, Hill, Litzow and Pflug voted against their colleagues in the Senate, the position of the State Republican Party and natural marriage itself, voting with most Democrats and homosexual advocates to redefine it.

Remember that. Think election time.

Also note that 3 Democrats said "no" to redefining marriage and voted with us to protect marriage. Senators Hargrove, Sheldon and Shinn should be commended for standing for what is right. Perhaps you could send them an email thanking them for their stand for marriage. You can contact them through our website.

The House of Representatives held their hearings yesterday. Thank you to all who attended and to those who testified.

I have linked the video of the entire hearings. They were a little over an hour and a half. Rep. Matt Shea, Rep. Brad Klippert, Rep. Jay Rodne did everything possible to insure protection from religious rights being undermined in this rush to redefine marriage. Rep. Rodne offered an amendment to refer the issue to the people---the homosexual activists in the House of Representatives would have none of it. That discussion is at about 1hr-30 min. on the video.

All those who testified on our side did a great job. Couldn't have been better. I would direct you to Pastor Ken Hutcherson at about 26:30 on the video. He specifically addresses the civil rights issue.

Homosexual activist Legislators Murray, Pedersen and others have predicted they have more than enough votes in the House to approve their bill to redefine marriage.

Representative Shea told me he thinks a House vote could come this week, possibly tomorrow.

Senator Ed Murray has been warning his followers in the homosexual community not to "pop the corks just yet" because it is not a done deal.


We have a strong coalition of pro-marriage organizations and individuals who are committed to overturning this law, should it pass. And we are together on this issue.

Gov. Gregoire has pledged to sign it.

We have pledged to run a referendum to allow the people to vote on the issue. For those seeking to redefine marriage, this is their greatest fear.

While the Governor and a number of legislators told the press they would prefer this issue be voted on by the people, those same legislators killed the very amendment that would have referred it to the people.

They do not want this to go to the people. They only want to say they want it to go to the people.

Thank you for standing for marriage and for standing with us at this most critical time.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.