Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Tipping Point And The Remedy

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Washington State is about to cross the moral threshold that Malcolm Gladwell, in his best selling book of a few years ago called, "The Tipping Point."

The book, read by millions, was about how to create positive and constructive improvement, however the principle of "tipping," unfortunately, is also true in regard to destructive moral behavior and decisions that enable it.

Washington State is about to step across the moral threshold and create a destructive cultural tipping point with unexpected and perhaps unintentional consequences.

Gladwell opens his book with these words:

"In the mid-1990's the city of Baltimore was attacked by an epidemic of syphilis. In the space of a year, from 1995 to 1996, the number of children born with the disease increased 500 percent. If you look at Baltimore's syphilis rates on a graph, the line runs straight for years and then, when it hits 1995, rises almost at a right angle."

"What caused Baltimore's syphilis problem to tip?...Crack cocaine."

Gladwell describes using crack as "risky behavior". The rest of his book is about turning destructive situations around.

Washington State is at a moral tipping point as a majority of lawmakers and the Governor seem to be poised to abandon the lessons of history and the morality taught by their parents and their church, and step across a destructive threshold to redefine marriage.

We are about to enshrine into law a bill that seeks to normalize that which is not normal or natural, affirm behavior that has been condemned by every successful civilization and every major religion and redefine in civil terms, the institution of marriage which predates all civilizations in that it was instituted by God Himself at creation.

Washington State is about to denigrate marriage between a man and a woman, the oldest and most sacred human institution which predates civilization and government.

What is the remedy?

Let me share some prayerful thoughts and considerations.

Initially, the state is saying that marriage will be between a man and a woman or two men or two women and they are calling it "marriage equality."

The state is about to blindly enshrine into law, a law that does not provide equality. Under this law, marriage is still discriminatory. What about polygamists who love each other? What about blood relatives who want to marry because they love each other?

This law is deceptive because it claims "marriage equality," but creates "special rights" for a very small behavioral group. Marriage will still be discriminatory.

Tipping Point. Who will be the next group to demand "marriage equality"?

This law will also discriminate against the religious beliefs of many Christians, as it will redefine sex-education in public schools. Public schools will be forced to teach homosexual behavior as normal, when it is condemned by biblical teaching. This law will also be discriminating to certain small businesses.

The abortion laws have come to bear with force on the beliefs and practices of the Stormans family and their pharmacy in Olympia. This new marriage law will do the same.

It will discriminate against children. It has already caused small children to be paraded in front of legislative hearings by their homosexual parents in an attempt to normalize the redefined family. It also takes away the right of children to have a male father and a female mother, which is universally considered to be the optimum family structure.

As I watched the hearings in both the Senate and the House, I was reminded of another time, a time I mentioned recently in a blog---a time when a leader refused to take heed of lessons learned from his father and previous generations. He rebelled against the faith of his father, much like Governor Gregoire and other lawmakers have admitted as they have shared their personal conflict in supporting this miscarriage of what is right and normal and natural and moral.

History says this man took the sacred "vessels of gold and of silver" his father had placed in the temple and brought them to his party, desecrating them---using them for purposes for which they were never intended.

Governor Gregoire and a majority of lawmakers are about to mimic that historical and moral tragedy.

They are about to use marriage for a purpose it was never intended.

Belshazzar failed to learn from his father---and these legislators have failed to learn from the teaching of their church and their families. And from history.

Nebuchadnezzer, Belshazzar's father, had been taken into exile until "he knew that the Most High God rules the kingdom of mankind" (Daniel 5:21).

Nebuchadnezzer had come out of his exile and humiliation reborn in the knowledge of God's Truth and His principles. And his son, Belshazzar, knew this.

Yet he created a tipping point which ended his life and destroyed a kingdom.

When he saw the infamous "handwriting on the wall," he called in the Chaldean "interpreters," who knew nothing of these matters, to explain the meaning of the writing. They were frauds.

Governor Gregoire and some misled lawmakers are being counseled by people who are blinded by their own passions and behavior. And have no moral understanding on this matter.

In desperation, Belshazzar finally took the advice of the queen and called the prophet Daniel, who explained what the "handwriting" meant.

It was too late.

A life was lost. A kingdom was destroyed.

They were "weighed in the balances and found wanting."

They had crossed the threshold of a tipping point.

As I watched Pastor Ken Hutcherson and others at the hearings faithfully point out the moral error of passing this law, I also watched the smirks, rolled eyes and disgust displayed on the faces of those who are committed to desecrate the vessel of marriage. In a sense, mocking the people of faith and the God they serve.

As I watched, I remembered a song written and recorded by Johnny Cash. This is a link to a video and all the lyrics, but here is the last verse:
"My friend you're weighed in the balance and found wanting,
Your kingdom is divided, it can't stand.
You're weighed in the balance and found wanting,
Your houses are built upon the sand."
The remedy.

First and foremost, this tragic situation can only be reversed through prayer. It is not a political matter. It is a spiritual matter. Pastors, congregations, individuals, and legislators of faith must join in prayer regarding this matter.

Then we must take prayerful action.

Some months ago I called Rep. Matt Shea and told him I knew this was coming and I felt we should organize a broader coalition than we had for the R-71 campaign. He agreed. I suggested he should chair the coalition. He agreed to do so. We contacted several other legislators who share our beliefs. These legislators, along with myself, Larry Stickney and attorney Steve Pidgeon, met and organized. Now we have a broad coalition that includes some pastors, legislators, Christian leaders, business people and a number of the faith based organizations in the state.

It appears the legislature has the votes to pass this bill. Governor Gregoire has committed to sign it.

If the law is passed, we will run a referendum or initiative. Whichever is the most effective.

Today, I'm asking you to join us in two ways.

First, a referendum or initiative will be run. I will need people all over the state to help circulate petitions to friends, to churches and in the communities. If you will be willing to help with this, please email me with your name, address, email and a phone number where I can reach you. This information will be held in confidence with me and my office.

Please email me at

Secondly, support us financially. Your donation is needed now. This effort will be very costly.

Thank you for standing with us as we stand for marriage.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.