Tuesday, March 27, 2012

McKenna Taking Stormans Back To Court

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The Seattle Times editorial board and the current state administration are, as usual, regarding social issues on the same page.

Attorney General Rob McKenna is taking the Stormans family back to court and the Times editorial board and other media outlets are the cheerleader. With Governor Gregoire applauding from her box seat.

This time, the Stormans will be brought before the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals.


Because they are pro-life and want to follow their conscience in their business practices and not sell the Plan B or abortion pill in their pharmacy.

The Times editorial says of the previous court ruling that favored religious freedom and right of conscience, "This ruling cries out for reversal." Indeed it does for those fully committed to the abortion industry. And who view life through a lens that does not value the sanctity of life.

For those who value the right of conscience, in this case the right not to sell Plan B or abortion pills in their pharmacy, it cries out a very different message.

US District Court Judge Ronald Leighton ruled against McKenna and the state---and the newspaper, back in February.

On February 23, we wrote a blog quoting comments from the judge including, "McKenna argued for 11 days that the state did have the right to force the Stormans to sell the abortion pills because they had to "provide timely access to medicines for people who need them."

That, of course, is Planned Parenthood's line.

Judge Leighton didn't buy McKenna's argument and ruled, "No," the state's true goal was to suppress religious objection by druggists. Not to promote timely access.

Now, McKenna and the state feel they will find a more favorable ear in the 9th US Court of Appeals.

Please remember the Stormans family in your prayers. This is a very difficult and costly ordeal for a family who are simply trying to live by their deeply held religious convictions, in a state that seems to place less and less value on that freedom.

This case also has significant constitutional implication on Washington State's new same-sex marriage law.

And speaking of constitutionality, the Supreme Court began its hearing on Obamacare yesterday. First item from the Obama Administration was suggesting that the Court could not rule, based on an 1800's law, until the government had actually forced people to buy health insurance, which would push the Court ruling off a couple of years.

I don't think that was particularly well received by the Court.

Today, the focus of the hearing will be, "Is it constitutional for the government to require Americans to buy health insurance?"

America stands at a crossroads. Unfortunately Yogi Berra's advice---"When you come to a fork in the road take it," isn't going to solve the major social and spiritual issues and their catastrophic consequences. However, I see too many people trying to act on Yoggi's advice under the guise that somehow Jesus didn't take stands on controversial and moral issues, but simply taught us to be accepting of all things.

This is a defining time for a people who have been given much and of whom much will be required.

The most basic of that requirement involves what do you believe? What do you stand for? And why? Who are you? What is required of you? And what do you want this country to become? What is your responsibility to the next generation under God?

"As for me and my house we will...... ." Do what?

Thank you for standing with us in your support of advancing Judeo-Christian values in the culture.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Strong. Be Blessed.