Monday, March 26, 2012

"Wrongful Birth" Lawsuit Awarded Nearly $3,000,000

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A baby that was supposed to be killed by abortion was accidentally allowed to be born, now, after 4 years, the little girl's parents have filed and won a nearly $3,000,000 lawsuit for "wrongful birth."

Behind the loving, maternal, progressive face of "women's reproductive rights," "education," "healthcare" and faux Hippocratic concern, is the steel cold, calculated---the ends justifies the means, substantially taxpayer funded, abortion industry.

Planned parenthood is the face of the industry and it is the face of evil.

And if you cross the monster, you will pay.

The long cold steel hand struck when KOMEN for the Cure decided to eliminate future funding to Planned Parenthood a few months ago. Before the sun arose again KOMEN had changed their mind and apologized.

Now we're hearing that, "At least 5 high ranking executives with KOMEN have resigned in the aftermath. Most recently Chris McDonald, executive direction and chief executive of KOMEN's Oregon and southwest Washington's affiliate. She will be gone the end of April.

If you cross PPH, you will pay.

But have you heard of a "wrongful birth"?

Ariel and Deborah Levy already had two children when Ariel became pregnant. They may have been okay with having another baby, but as it turns out, not this one.

Little baby Kalamit was born anyway. And she had some challenges.

Mom and Dad didn't want her because she was born with Downs syndrome. Mom and Dad said they would have aborted her had they known in advance. So they sued Legacy, the healthcare provider. Earlier this month, after 4 years, they won the suit.

"Wrongful birth" the jury declared.

It appears Legacy Health, who performed the CVS test, made a mistake or at least missed identifying the possibility of Downs.

Is this the latest front on the ongoing eugenic mission advanced by Margaret Sangor, the founder of Planned Parenthood? Apparently.

Selective birth and selective death. "Choice" with a mission.

Wesley Smith, co-director of the Discovery Institute's Center for Human Exceptionalism said, "The time has come to reverse course. We could begin with states prohibiting wrongful birth lawsuits as a matter of policy."

Arizona approved, on March 6, a bill that would protect health-care providers from "wrongful birth" or "wrongful life" court actions.

Could Washington State pass such a law? It's not likely with the present legislature and Governor.

What about a new governor?

Inslee and McKenna are both pro-abortion (pro-choice).

Smith says, "We may have a right to have a baby, but we don't---at least shouldn't---have a right to the baby we want. Most importantly, none of us should ever be declared by a jury to be a wrongful life."


Where are the outcries from the "rights" people?

The far left secularists, who have championed the cause to stop bullying, have become, it appears, the greatest bully of all.

God help us.

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