Monday, April 23, 2012

3 Things: Schram's Response, Remembering Chuck Colson, R-74 and I-1192

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Hope you had a great week end. Don't you love the sunshine?

3 Things.

1. Within the hour after we published our Friday Blog about Ken Schram and the Arch Bishop of Seattle, Schram was on the phone inviting me to be on his program on KOMO later that day. Many of you in the Puget Sound area heard the program. Many of you also wrote to me wondering what Schram's response would be after you read the blog.

I was on his program on KOMO Friday afternoon. I have been on the radio with him several times in recent years, this time he seemed to be a wee bit softer. He told me he actually enjoyed reading my blog, in fact he laughed about it and said he wanted to explain to my readers and his listeners that he had gathered some fig leaves and covered himself as I had suggested. He complimented us and our blog. I told him I would notify the kids in the neighborhood so they could uncover their eyes.

This is a link to Friday's Blog.

I had a good conversation with Ken on air, and was able to say some things off air. I was also able to speak to his audience about issues that we feel very strongly about, particularly who should lead regarding moral and spiritual issues in the culture. I'm not suggesting Ken Schram was transformed Friday, but hopefully we gave him some things to think about. There was indication that we did.

2. I know you know by now that Chuck Colson passed away this weekend. He was 80. I was not a close personal friend, but interviewed him several times on television in the 1980's and 1990. I have had contact with him from time to time over the past 20 years. My last contact was a personal email from him a few months ago, thanking me for promoting a special national event he was hosting on behalf of his Centurion Program---a ministry to advance a biblical worldview.

The Christian Post said this of his passing: "While the still skeptical secular media chose to describe Chuck Colson as a 'mastermind of dirty tricks' in obituary columns, Christian leaders focused on his life and work after his transformation and remembered him as a great friend, mentor, apologist and witness for Christ."

"I'm saddened by Chuck Colson's passing yet rejoicing that he is now in the presence of the Lord he loves so much," Lee Strobel, author and Christian apologist, told The Christian Post."

Chuck profoundly impacted my life through his writing and speaking---I'm sure he did yours as well.

3. R-74 and I-1192 are well under way. R-74 needs a little over 120,000 valid signatures to make the November ballot, so the goal is to have at least 180,000 or more signatures.

Initiative 1192 needs over 200,000 valid signatures to be placed on the ballot.

Both are very important to the defense of marriage.

R-74 has stopped the homosexual "marriage" law from going into effect, pending the signature gathering. If R-74 makes the ballot, the homosexual "marriage" law will be further suspended pending the November election.

The value of R-74 is that it suspends the law until the people have an opportunity to speak. If R-74 prevails, it will overturn the homosexual "marriage" bill passed by the legislature during the 2012 session. Senator Ed Murray, Rep. Jamie Pederson and other homosexual legislator-activists will need to start over next year with a new bill.

They are taking a long view of redefining marriage. I have no doubt they will continue into the future, should this law be overturned. We too, must have a longer view if we are to protect marriage. However, we must meet this challenge to marriage, now.

Initiative 1192 clarifies the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) by specifically requiring State government to issue marriage licenses only to one man and one woman couples. It does not suspend the current homosexual "marriage" law passed by the legislature pending signature gathering, but would essentially invalidate it, if passed, by prohibiting the state from issuing same-sex marriage licenses.

In order to overturn Initiative 1192, if passed by the people, the legislature would have to get a 2/3 super majority vote during the next 2 years. Frankly, they do not have that super majority vote at this time. After the 2 years, they could over turn the will of the people with a majority vote, which they had when they passed the current law this past session.

Both are very important. We strongly support both.

Personal Request. Faith and Freedom's area coordinators will be trying to assess how many signatures we have gathered for each---R-74 and I-1192 over the next week or so. Thousands of you are circulating petitions. Would you take a moment and let me or your Faith and Freedom area coordinator know how the signature gathering is going?

We are only looking for an update as to about how many signatures you have gathered so far and your personal best guess as to what you think you will be able to do by the end of May.

You can include any comments you feel would be important as well. It will be confidential.
Please take a moment and let me know personally at

Thank you for your support in this and all Faith and Freedom is doing to advance Christian values in the culture.

I am honored to be working and standing with you on these import eternal issues.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Faithful. Be Blessed.