Friday, April 20, 2012

Has KOMO's Ken Schram Eaten The Bad Fruit?

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Ken Schram, the secular progressive voice of KOMO 4 TV and KOMO radio in Seattle, has taken to holding catechism class for the Catholic Church in which he was raised.

This week he publicly reprimanded and slammed Seattle's Archbishop J. Peter Sartian for asking 180 parishes to make Protect Marriage petitions available to the church members. 

Why? Because the Bishop believes in traditional, biblical marriage. Schram does not.

Schram awarded the church leader his "Schrammie" award because, he said, Bishop Sartain may remember his Latin, but "I think he's forgotten his place." Schram says the Bishop is "using the church as a weapon."

Perhaps Mr. Schram has forgotten his place and is using the press as a weapon.

He condemns the Bishop for having biblically based convictions about marriage and teaching them in the church he leads, while forcefully advancing his own secular agenda of redefining marriage.

I am not a Catholic, nor do they need my defense. However, Schram seems to be suggesting that spiritual leaders should not lead in spiritual matters in their own church, but rather seek to match up with and affirm current, relativistic cultural beliefs.

So, according to Schram's catechism, the church should follow, not lead. There are others who also believe that.

Schram seems to think the Christian church is a big box retail store trying to discern what the customers want so they can  market and merchandise toward the latest cultural, moral whim.

In fact, he seems to suggest that he, rather than the leadership of the church and their biblical teaching on marriage, should write the lesson plan for catechism and the basis for personal conviction. 

This reminds me of another, older, yet current narrative.

Coming to the woman, the serpent said, I know God said you could eat all of the fruit except for the one, but God is good and loving, surely He would not punish you. In fact, when you eat that particular fruit you will "become like God, knowing good from evil."

They ate it.

They did not become like God. And they became confused over what is good and what is evil.

The long term consequence of this act of rebellion is that "by one man sin entered the human race. " 

The immediate consequence after eating the fruit, was that Adam and Eve recognized they were naked and estranged from God and His Truth. So they sewed a few fig leaves together in an attempt to cover it up.

God has clearly taught in His Word that homosexual relations are wrong. He calls it sin, regardless of what Sen. Ed Murray, Rep. Jamie Pedersen, Gov. Gregoire or Ken Schram happens to believe.

On moral issues they should follow, not lead.

MEMO to Schram:

You have eaten the fruit. Please sew together some fig leaves and cover yourself. You are naked, unattractive and should be charged with indecent exposure.

And I present you with  the "Bad Apple" award.  

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Faithful.  Be Blessed.