Friday, June 08, 2012

Sen. Ed Murray: "I Will Be Back, Year After Year After Year"

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Yesterday I wrote about the silence from the so-called progressive left regarding the number of signatures turned in by those who support marriage in Washington State. I also mentioned in my blog yesterday that UW law professor Peter Nicolas was quoted saying there was nothing keeping Murray and other homosexual activists in the legislature from bringing back the issue of redefining marriage as soon as next session.

Senator Ed Murray has broken the silence. And Lornet Trunbull has revised the Seattle Times article originally published June 6, to now report that Senator Murray has said of the success of R-74 thus far, "It's disappointing because it will divide the state."

It is also dividing the country.

What is lost on Mr. Murray and other activists who seek to redefine the oldest, most vitally important human institution is that those seeking to redefine marriage are dividing the state and the nation---not those seeking to defend marriage.

Murray also told Lornet Turnbull, "From what we've seen elsewhere, it will be ugly and hurtful to a lot of families in Washington State."

The revised version of the Times story affirms what we said yesterday about this issue becoming a reoccurring issue.

Sen. Murray told Turnbull, "I believe we will win, but barring some disaster, I will be back, year after year after year."

We absolutely must win this November. I believe every person who stands for marriage will do all they can do to protect and preserve it from being redefined by winning at the ballot in November.

Faith and Freedom has already begun putting together an educational campaign to reach out to those who are undecided on the matter and to help some who have been misled to have a clear understanding of the biblical model and importance of marriage---spiritually and socially.

Your financial support is absolutely critical to us at this time. Thank you for standing with us.

Murray's comments also affirm that while we must prevail in overturning the law which redefines marriage, we must also be very clear that success only protects marriage until January 2013--2 months after the election.

Murray's comments also point out how very important I-1192 is to the defense of marriage. The Initiative 1192, if passed, will prevent the state from issuing marriage licenses to any one other than one man and one woman.

To overturn it, Murray would have to create a super majority or 2/3 vote in the legislature. He does not have that. After 2 years, the legislature could overturn it with a simple majority.

Please make every effort to gather signatures this month for the I-1192.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.