Tuesday, July 17, 2012

McKenna: "No Fan Of Reagan Or Mix Of Right Wing Politics And Religion"

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A few weeks ago, the Seattle Times endorsed Rob McKenna for Governor of Washington State. Rarely do they endorse a Republican. Nor a social conservative.

In fact, the Times editorial board declined an endorsement of John Kosters for a congressional seat last election, saying he was highly qualified, but they couldn't endorse him because of his conservative social views, i.e., pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, etc.

So why McKenna? Apparently, in their mind, he doesn't stand where Kosters and most Christians and conservatives stand on those issues.

Recently McKenna told the Seattle Times, following the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare, that he does not support repeal of Obamacare. I wrote a blog about it. McKenna disputed that he had actually said that and told people in Yakima the "Seattle media" was misrepresenting his position.

A recording of the press conference affirmed that he had indeed said he did not support repeal of Obamacare.

Apparently, the Times editorial board has dispatched their "news" division to puff their candidate. The article this past weekend by political news reporter Jim Brunner is extraordinary. The kind money can't buy.

It is a chronology of McKenna's rise to political power.

This article was intended to be very supportive of their candidate, but 2 things concern me.

The Times writes of his rise to power, "Although his college years came amid Ronald Reagan's presidency, McKenna wasn't a fan. He voted for Democrat Walter Mondale in 1984."

Walter Mondale? Maybe a Kennedy type, but Walter Mondale?

Even so-called "moderate Republicans" and "moderate Democrats" voted for Reagan.

Good grief.

The Times assures the public he has voted for every Republican president since.

Evolving beliefs? Who actually knows?

McKenna also confessed that he had a real problem with Reagan's "mix of religion and right wing politics."

Perhaps to some it's merely a "political mix," but to others it's a deeply held belief. A conviction, not a strategy. Reagan was one of those people.

And about the mix of right wing politics and religion. I have received at least two emails recently promoting two different special appearances by Mr. Mckenna at Cedar Park Assembly of God church.

Perhaps another evolving belief? Does that somehow not qualify as a "mix of right wing politics and religion?" If so what disqualifies it?

The Times reports that some of his long time friends say he always approaches problems "as a policy wonk---not an ideologue."

Cambridge Dictionary defines ideologue: "A person who believes very strongly in particular principles and tries to follow them carefully."

Reagan believed very strongly in certain principles and tried to follow them carefully. And America prospered.

McKenna is, according to those who have known him the longest, a "Wonk". Or one who majors in details. Walter Mondale comes to mind.

Seriously, some Christians and conservatives support Mr. McKenna's candidacy. Some in Christian leadership support it. I have been told by a very reliable source that some in Christian leadership are working to get a job on a Governor McKenna's administration, others simply want a seat at his table.

I suspect I will be offered neither.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Bold. Be Active. Be Blessed.