Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Forward"---A Cruel Joke

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This week the national debt will likely reach $16 trillion. 

That is an increase of $5,349,641,980,231.60 since President Obama began moving the country "Forward."

In 2009, the IRS reported there were 81,890,189 tax returns filed. Using those numbers, the latest available, every federal taxpayer now owes $195,096.86.

After 100 days in office, President Obama told an audience at a high school in Missouri, "The work of remaking America is going well."

He whispered to the leaders of Russia to please give him a little more time. Wait until after the election.

He is now standing before his campaign slogan "Forward" asking for your vote promising to complete his work if re-elected.

"Forward" is more than a slogan---it is a hard core philosophy, which creates far left, so-called progressive policy. And those policies have consequences.

To the elitist secular progressive, anything they think is better, is forward---progressive.

Given proper attention, the economy can still recover from the recent near fatal blow of secular progressivism and its accomplice, socialism.

But can the promise of America be restored without proper attention to the moral issues of our time? I think not.

The moral decay is more destructive than the financial and economic chaos created by the far left. And they have just begun. More is on the way.

Here's what is happening in the next few weeks.

Much has been said in the media about the Republican Convention, the hurricane and the delayed GOP Convention. But look what's coming in just a few weeks.

The far left secularists have seized control of the Democratic Party and will be making statements and declarations that every citizen should be aware of as they dominate the upcoming Democratic Convention.

The Democratic Convention will put forward at least three starlets of the abortion industry.

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood; Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America; and Nancy Fluke, the Georgetown University student who famously went before a contrived, unofficial "hearing" sponsored by Nancy Pelosi, demanding that someone---anyone, pay for her birth control, which costs about $9 a month at Walmart.

These people will carry the torch and help light the way "Forward" for America.

"Forward" not only means expanding the abortion industry while suppressing the religious rights and acts of conscience of people of faith who believe in the sanctity of life, it also has marriage and family in the cross hair.

"Forward" is such a lurch toward the extreme left, if the party of Obama is given more time, they will end marriage as it has been known since Creation.

It is impossible to separate financial chaos from moral failure and the quest to redefine marriage and the traditional family. Even the liberal Brookings Institute has reported that if a young person will avoid having a child out of wedlock and graduate from high school, the chances of that young person living in poverty are only 4%. Traditional family is good policy.

A moral society creates sound economic policy---a truth from the traditional marriage, traditional family Guide Book.

Redefining marriage and family is a negative blow to both the family and the economy.

Is this "Forward?" Or Downward?

I have been open about expressing concerns about the Republican Party, particularly some statewide candidates endorsed by some clergy and the State Republican Party, however there are reasons why many people of faith prefer the Republican Party.

This is one of them:

In 1856, the Republicans wrote their first party platform and termed Slavery and Polygamy the "twin relics of barbarism." They didn't win that year, but laid the ground work to win 4 years later, as the country elected Abraham Lincoln.

"Forward" is a cruel joke being perpetrated on the American public.

If the policies of those advocating abortion and the redefinition of family and marriage will move the country forward, it is only slightly so our culture can plunge to its death at the bottom of a moral cliff.

The words of John Witherspoon are ringing in my ears and hopefully will in yours as well. Witherspoon, the only active clergy and college president (what is now Princeton University) to sign the Declaration of Independence told us: "The people in general ought to have regard to the moral character of those whom they invest authority either in legislative, executive or judicial branches."

This is the time when people of faith must "have regard to the moral character" of those whom they elect.

Can someone who embraces life as a gift from God invest authority in those who support killing unwanted, unborn children?

Can people of faith who believe that marriage was instituted by God at Creation, invest authority in those who seek to redefine, dishonor and destroy natural marriage that predates civilization?

While we must look at the Party of moral destruction for what is, we must also look within the Republican Party.

People of faith can not in good conscience vote to invest authority in anyone, regardless of party affiliation, who stands in violation of these most basic moral norms of our culture---and of the present platform of the Republican Party itself.

Can a person of faith who truly believes in the exceptionalism and the promise of America---the city on a hill---invest authority in people who seek to destroy its foundations while working to remake it?

This is a time for people of faith to reflect on what they really believe. And why. As for me and my house, I'm going with the principles held by the Founders and their advocacy of biblical morality that continues to speak from the pages of recorded history.

So, how about you?

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.