Thursday, August 30, 2012

"We Can Do This"

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I was impressed by what I heard at the Republican Convention last night.

Paul Ryan made the point, "We can do this," and I believe he connected with a disenfranchised public.

But of all the things he said, I was struck by his characterization of the effect of the Obama administration on today's youth.

Representing a new generation of Republican leaders, Ryan spoke directly to younger Americans struggling to get a job. He said, “College graduates should not have to live out their 20's in their childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading Obama posters and wondering when they can move out and get going with life."

Condi Rice said in her speech, "But the American ideal is indeed endangered today. There is no country, no not even a rising China, that can do more harm to us than we can do to ourselves if we fail to accomplish the tasks before us here at home."

And perhaps her most poignant comment was this:

"And on a personal note– a little girl grows up in Jim Crow Birmingham – the most segregated big city in America - her parents can’t take her to a movie theater or a restaurant – but they make her believe that even though she can’t have a hamburger at the Woolworth’s lunch counter – she can be President of the United States and she becomes the Secretary of State. Yes, America has a way of making the impossible seem inevitable in retrospect. But of course it has never been inevitable – it has taken leadership, courage and an unwavering faith in our values."

And regarding our values, the media has already begun the attack, suggesting that the Republican Party has factions that will prevent Republicans from winning elections.

The factions?

Values. Or "social issues" as they call them.

It is the same line that Sec.of State Sam Reed, A/G Rob McKenna and some pastors are telling the people of Washington State as some Republicans run from the very values that not only define America, but are the principles upon which this country was built. Life, marriage and family.

We'll see how these "anti-values" Republicans do in the WA state-wide elections.

Brent Bozell wrote a column earlier this week regarding how the media uses "values" as a tool to undermine and divide those candidates who hold traditional values and speak publicly about them.

I strongly recommend you read Bozell's column.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.