Thursday, September 27, 2012

US Rebuilding Mosques, While Christian Churches Are Burned

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Another tragic irony of the Obama administration is that while he advances what he calls his "cultural preservation" project---with American tax dollars, to rebuild and refurbish Mosques around the world, Muslims in at least 20 countries are burning Christian churches to the ground.

This was first reported by CH 2 in Atlanta last year.

Why is President Obama spending millions on mosques? He says it is to "fight Islamic extremism by building relationships with Islamic leaders."

That does not appear to be working out too well.

The exact amount Mr. Obama is spending on the mosque project is elusive. Hard to find.

Here's how he is hiding it.

Why is he hiding it in the first place?

Probably because federal regulations prohibit USAID funds being spent on structures that are used for "inherently religious activities."

Not to worry. Mr. Obama gets around that in a Chicago minute.

Example: $770 million from US taxpayers has been spent on rebuilding Cairo's sewer system. We now learn that some of the money has been used to refurbish Egypt's 1300-year-old Amr Ibn El-Aas Mosque.

So the mosque project is buried in the sewer project.

Unlike Christian churches, the "inherently religious activities" are to incite those who attend the mosque to take to the streets and commit violence against America, Israel and Christians. And they have been faithful to the mission, while the world watched.

This is not isolated---the renovations or the burnings.

Frank Crimi has written an article documenting how US taxpayer money is being spent around the world to refurbish mosques and "build relationships with Islamic leaders," while the leaders of the mosques direct the worshipers to kill and destroy. And to burn the Christian churches.

This is happening from Egypt to Tanzania to Nigeria to Pakistan to Sudan to Kenya to Jakarta, Indonesia---more than 20 countries.

As many of you know, I was, for a number of years, involved in raising money and building Christian churches, Christian schools and medical facilities in more than 60 developing countries of the world.

I have a particular interest in Kenya because of our deep involvement in the country.

In Kenya alone, Muslims have attacked 11 churches, assaulted, including with a grenade, a crowd of at least 150 Christians in one service, killing 2 and wounding 30. In another attack killed 1 and wounded 16.

In the last few days President Obama and Sec.of State Hillary Clinton have told the world, the UN and anyone who would listen, that they are sorry about the "video" that was negative toward Mohammad and Islam. In fact the President and Secretary ran a video on Pakistani television further apologizing.

The response?

The television network put a font across the bottom of the screen that simply read "paid content." And thousands tried to rush the US Embassy.

Frank Crimi notes this:
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, while lamenting the hurt feelings the video engendered among Muslims, said the Islamic faith “respects the fundamental dignity of human beings,” and that it is “a violation of that fundamental dignity to wage attacks on innocents.”

Ironically, as Clinton’s public apology was being aired, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, an 82-year-old church in northwest Pakistan, was being burned by a mob of hundreds of Muslims protesting the offending video.

Since that attack was, in the words of Mrs. Clinton, “a violation of that fundamental dignity to wage attacks on innocents,” perhaps she will inquire if there are any funds still available in her mosque restoration program to help cover the costs of rebuilding St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.

It appears that President Obama's outreach to the Muslims is not working.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.