Thursday, October 04, 2012

Romney Rises, Obama Wilts

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Most who read my blog know Mitt Romney was not my personal first choice for the Republican nominee.

For a number of reasons, I preferred someone else.

However, last night Mitt Romney rose in the minds of many. Romney showed an unusual grasp of the facts and the problems we are facing in our country. And the solutions to those problems. He appeared to be the President, while Obama appeared to be the candidate.

Romney was sharp. Obama was dull, uncomfortable, unsure, reminding me of an unwatered plant in mid summer.


Romney gave Obama a seminar on the economy. Romney the teacher. Obama the student. America (60,000,000 watching on television) the observer and the benefactor.

Romney was knowledgeable and confident. Obama was uncomfortable and agitated.

Sometimes the President appeared to feel above all this---imposed upon. Peeved.

Romney was strong. Obama was weak. Romney certain. Obama uncertain. Missing his teleprompter.

Romney was "Forward". Obama was backward.

Even a number of liberals were throwing the President under the bus on Twitter during the debate.

Last night's debate was also a referendum on the press. I believe this was the first time President Obama has been called out in a public media forum and held responsible for his destructive policies. And President Obama is not used to being held accountable.

ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN---you know them all, have never held this president accountable for anything. That all changed last night. For the first time since taking office, he was held publicly accountable. And his failure over the past 4 years was obvious.

The press will be in full damage control today and in the coming days before the election. NBC will lead the recovery effort.

Last night's debate will likely give Romney a good bump in the polls. I think he changed some minds.

I can't wait to see Paul Ryan debate Joe Biden next week.

I welcome your comments and opinion.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.