Friday, October 05, 2012

Same-Sex "Marriage" TV Ads--What's Missing?

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I was watching endless same-sex "marriage" ads on KOMO 4 the other night, when it occurred to me that something is missing. Something that should be central to their message.

With this in mind, I began looking at ads online that are running nonstop in Washington and elsewhere, where marriage is on the ballot.

Same conclusion.

Maybe I'm missing something or simply didn't put my eyes in the right place, but I concluded there is one very important element missing from the ads they are spending millions of dollars to put on your TV, and to influence your thinking.

The same-sex "marriage" ads feature a long list of celebs, from Bruce Springsteen to Betty White. And athletes--- Seahawks in Washington- others in other parts of the country.

Some of the ads feature families, explaining the "injustice" current marriage laws impose on their homosexual child. I truly empathize with those parents.

Other ads feature leaders from the religious left. Pastors and priests and rabbis are often seen making the case to redefine marriage. In fact they are currently pushing the religious left advocacy front and center leading up to the election. Here is an example.

But something is missing.

I have not found a single ad made for broad television use or that is currently airing, that features an identified homosexual.

Why are they using only surrogates?

I know a little about television advertising and am fully aware that TV ads often use paid actor advocates or actual advocates, and of course, celebrity endorsements. But in this case where homosexuals are asking citizens to redefine the oldest human institution, marriage between one man and one woman, to accommodate a specific sexual behavior, why are those who practice the behavior absent from the advocacy and the dialog?

While wondering about this, I came across an article published by One News Now the other day. I'm not the only one who has noticed.

One News says, "The ads feature heterosexuals promoting homosexual marriage. According to an Associated Press report, one ad features a husband and wife talking "fondly" of a lesbian couple in their neighborhood; another a pastor talking "supportively" of same-sex unions; and still another a married couple wanting "fair treatment" for their lesbian daughter. But missing from the ads are ... homosexuals."

Exactly. But why?

Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel Action tells One News Now "that the approach being employed by homosexual-rights groups conforms to a book titled, 'After the Ball' by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen. In that 1990 book, the authors contend that to gain acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle, the movement must paint a different picture in the public eye. Barber says that is nothing more than a diversion tactic."

"They are distracting and diverting attention away from the reality of what the homosexual lifestyle is all about --distorted sexual behavior -- and trying to couch it in terms of fairness," says Barber. "And having heterosexual folks as the face of so-called same-sex marriage is a clever way to pull the wool over voters' eyes."

"Because people naturally bristle when they think about what it would take to actually consummate a so-called same-sex marriage between a man and a man," he says "people naturally have a revulsion of this abnormal, disordered sexual behavior."

Barber says people need to understand that when they vote for homosexual marriage, "they are voting to deconstruct the institution of natural marriage."

As you probably know, four states are voting on "gay marriage" this fall: Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington. More than three dozen states already prohibit same-sex marriage; six (plus the District of Columbia) permit it.

Every state that has voted on redefining marriage has rejected it. Some are saying Washington State may be the first exception. Even some leading R-74 have intimated that to the press.

In less than 2 weeks, ballots will begin arriving in the mail. And you will begin voting.

A vote to "Approve R-74" is not a vote for fairness or equality, it is indeed, a vote to deconstruct marriage, the most fundamental social and cultural institution in history---an institution that is essential to the sustainability of the human race.

A vote to "Reject R-74" is a vote for marriage, family, biblical values and God's model for that family.

Please forward this message to friends and family.

God help us.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.