Monday, November 19, 2012

Obamacare and State's Rights

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Many conservatives and people of faith felt the sting of the election. It hurt to see nearly every biblical value on the ballot defeated, not only in Washington, but across the country.

And 4 more years of the most socialistic, far left secularist president in anyones memory, strikes terror in the heart of decent people.

However, there are a couple of positives.

Following the election, 30 of the 50 governors are now Republican. Mostly, I'm told, conservative.

These governors have a significant opportunity in regard to how Obamacare is administrated in their state.

While we have been led to believe otherwise, the administration of Obamacare will go through the governor's office of each state.

How each governor chooses to administrate it will set a marked course for their state both culturally and economically.

Some states will be "trapped" in a relationship with the federal government that will both diminish the livability and the economy of their state, while others will reject the model being advocated by Obama's government and create an expanding economic environment and an improving heath care environment in the state.

These decisions are presently in play during 2013 and every citizen must be informed.

Here's how it works:

Ken Klukowski has written an excellent article laying out the facts. His article "Obamacare Will Create Two America's For Health Care" is a must read.

He explains what freedoms states actually have in how Obamacare is administered in their state and the consequences of that decision.

People who choose the strongly advocated government plan of administration will ultimately become "magnets for low income people," because they will migrate to the states with the most free-bees.

Doctors will also relocate out of those government driven states to those that choose a "free market" course.

The best doctors and health care providers will relocate to those states that do not buy in on the Obamacare state program, resulting in economic advancement and an increased quality of life for those who live in the state.

Governors met last week to begin discussions regarding this matter. It is important that we are and remain informed on the matter because it sets a course for each state that has real consequences.

And before we think, "Oh no, we should have elected Rob McKenna," not to worry. Although he had initially joined a group of AGs that filed a suit against Obamacare, he made it very clear during the campaign that he did not support overturning Obamacare and actually believed there were a number of good aspects to it.

McKenna would have been no more inclined to make the "free market" choice than Inslee will be.

Please take a moment and read the linked article, then follow the process in the coming months as an informed citizen.

Be Vigilant. Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.